"Nothing will happen on December 21" Thread (w/ Maya info)


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Jun 24, 2011
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In my last thread pertaining to this subject:

Let me tell you a little bit about the MAYA calendar that most people deserve to know. The Maya used two ways for dating, the Tsol'kin and the Haab (the Long Count). The Long Count is the 365 day year that we can relate more too. The long count consists of k'ins(days), winals (months, or 20 k'ins), tuns (years, 18 winals), k'atuns (20 years), and bak'tuns (400 years), and piktuns (2,880,000 days). The long count started on a mythical date the Maya established as when the Maya began (not when "everything was created"). The date was (4 Ajaw 3 k'ank'in) which is approximated to be the date August 13, 3114 b.c. The calendar has counted down and is going to NOT end on December 21, 2012, but flip and reset back to There are dates marked by the Maya that come way after Dec 21. The resetting of the calendar is a time of celebration and rebirth for the Maya culture, and the distortion the media has put upon it is not only complete horseshit but an insult to the Maya people.

In case you were wondering, 18x 20 is 360, so to account for the 5 days there was a 5 day "month" call the wayeb (considered a dangerous time for the Maya culture, almost as if there were no time)

Update: "Maya BANNED from performing ceremonies at ancestral temples in Mexico"

DEC 6, 2012

Chichen Itza, Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico (Photo by SAITOR, on flickr. Some Rights Reserved)
Mexican authorities have banned Maya spiritual leaders from performing ceremonies at their ancestral temples, which are about to be overrun by a curious assortment of conspiracy theorists, dooms-dayers, new-agers and well-intentioned tourists who just want to be apart of the festivities.

The Ceremonies are meant to mark the end of the Maya long-count calendar, which began 13 Baktun (cycles) ago. Under the Greco-Roman Calender, that's about 3112 BC.

Contrary to popular (mis)belief, the end of the long-count calendar is being viewed as something positive. As Mayan priest Jose Manrique Esquive recently pointed out, the current Baktun, which began around 1618, has been drenched by a continuous reign of misery that included the introduction of European disease, culture and language being erased and entire populations being extinguished.

"This is the ending of an era for the Maya, an era which has been very intense for us, in which we have had suffering and pain," said Manrique Esquivel, adding "we are praying the wars, the conflicts, the hunger to end."

Despite their intentions, the government is refusing to let any Maya traditional perform their ceremonies inside Chichen Itza, Coban, Tulum and other sites that their ancestors built.

"We would like to do these ceremonies in the archaeological sites, but unfortunately they won't let us enter," continued Manrique Esquivel. "It makes us angry, but that's the way it is ... we perform our rituals in patios, in fields, in vacant lots, wherever we can."

The press director for the government's National Institute of Anthropology and History claims there are two reasons for the ban: "In part it is for visitor safety, and also for preservation of the sites, especially on dates when there are massive numbers of visitors... Many of the groups that want to hold ceremonies bring braziers and want to burn incense, and that simply isn't allowed."

Of course that's just the excuse. The government would much rather keep the Maya on the sidelines since they are orchestrating a massive commercial spectacle for tens of thousands of people, many of whom are are clinging to delusional hopes and irrational fears about what's going to happen at the end of 13 Baktun--December 21, 2012.

However, the Maya are still going to be allowed to visit the sites along with the tourists, but they will likely have to pay to get in, just like everyone else.

Meanwhile, as the Maya proceed with their ceremonies, shops in a Siberian city continue to sell Apocalypse kits; Beijing residents are stocking up on crackers, bottled water, and life preservers; in southwest France, the town of Bugarch prepares for a possible deluge of visitors who believe that a mountain could save them from the end of the world; and all the big corporate media services happily continue to spread the mania--all of which stems from little more than basic ignorance toward Indigenous perceptions and realities.


Well, December 21 is tomorrow and I'll tell you it should be pretty interesting seeing tonight's news along with tomorrow's. It's my hope that this whole thing will spark people to actually learn about the Maya rather than completely exploiting a part of their culture that they took out of context. Then again, that probably won't happen, and people will say the apocalypse is delayed or that all natural disasters that happen that day were because of December 21.

Oh well, I'm ready for there to be entertainment from the believers. Post all incidents here, your views on the matter, people you know who think it will happen, or what supplies you bought to prepare for the inevitable zombie outbreak.
Its already 12/21 in AUS and they are ok. So i guess Mex will be alright.
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My only fear of 12/21 is that crazy people will do stupid shit that could affect me or my family.

Patrick Geryl and "Doctor" Jaysen Q. Rand are gonna get trolled to fuck tomorrow.
Dr. Neil DeGrasse Tyson is a fantastic speaker and scientific mind. I always enjoy hearing him debunk the "common knowledge" of the uneducated.
There's going to be an apocalyptic number of Neil deGrasse Tyson videos being posted around the internet, that's my main concern
What the fuck is up with the History channel trying to group the Maya with Nostradamus? I mean, I know their credibility went out a long time ago but are they trying to put the nail in the coffin?
What the fuck is up with the History channel trying to group the Maya with Nostradamus? I mean, I know their credibility went out a long time ago but are they trying to put the nail in the coffin?

Didn't the predictions coincide? Plus that funky robot that predicts disasters (somewhat terribly) set the same date or something. And NASA with the solar flares and pole shift. Hory crap.

A guy at work today told me that none of it was true because "it was all religious and no one believes in Maya anymore anyways."

So there you have it, rest easy gentlemen :D
What the fuck is up with the History channel trying to group the Maya with Nostradamus? I mean, I know their credibility went out a long time ago but are they trying to put the nail in the coffin?

Because, like every other "factual" channel, people would flick around, see the History Channel, see something like "Spanish Inquisition? BOOOOOORRRRRRRRING!" Now the see "The Coming Apocalypse? What the fuck, I'm watching that shit!"

Why get 10,000 viewers with something that actually happened, when you can get 100,000 with bullshit?
I can guarantee an Earthquake will happen somewhere in the world on 12/21 and the day after.

And if one didn't occur, then I would be worried.