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Terms and rules

Welcome! Sherdog is a private forum so posting is a privilege, not a right. All rules are subject to administrative interpretation. Note you must be at least 13 years old to register on these forums. To report a rule violation you must use the Report Post feature. It's located in every post at the bottom of the field that contains the user name. For account problems, or trouble registering, please send emails to [email protected] Federal Law requires that you be 13 years of age or older to register for our forums. If you do not meet the age requirement, do not proceed with registration. If you are already registered and it is determined that you are under age 13, your account will be deleted. Although our content is suitable for all ages we are not permitted to collect personal data required for registration such as email addresses, IP numbers, etc, on individuals under age 13.

Posting Rules: Unacceptable Conduct

[*]Flaming: Do not post any messages that harass, insult (name calling), belittle, threaten or mock other members. Debates are fine, but critique the opinion, not the person. Personal attacks are not permitted. Report flaming, do not respond to it. Counter-flaming is also prohibited.

[*]Orchestrating forum raids.

[*]Fighter Bashing (including refs, promoters and the like) won't be tolerated anywhere on the board. Criticism is fine, flaming isn't. Minor bashing such as "so and so sucks, is a dick, etc." is a double yellow, while extreme bashing like "so and so is a pile of shit, ***got, etc." will result in a ban.

[*]Trolling: Do not post topics with the sole purpose of starting a dispute and/or flame war.

[*]Spamming: Please do not double post or cross-post the same message in multiple forums. You will not PM or email multiple members of this site the same message. This includes "bump threads" and posts intended merely to increase one's post count. Worthless posts with no content and nonsensical posts eat up space and waste everyone's time.

[*]Offensive Posts, Links or Images: This means - No racist/xenophobic threads/posts/images No rape threads/posts/images No shit threads/posts/images No beastiality threads/posts/images No overtly pornographic threads/posts/images No pedophile/Groomer/incest threads/posts/images No grossout threads/posts/images

[*]Advertising: Posting or private messaging to sell, buy, or trade products or services, links to auctions, affiliate links, links to promote personal or commercial websites, blogs, other forums and so forth is not allowed anywhere without explicit permission.

[*]No Disclosure of Personal Information: Do not disclose any other member's email, real name, address, phone number, IP address, or other personal information. This includes the posting contents of emails, private messages, warnings, infractions, and bans. Do not bring personal disputes into the forums.

[*]Copyrighted Material: Generally you can assume that anything you find online is copyrighted. We prefer you post a synopsis in your own words and the link to the article. It's permissible to quote up to 20 lines of text and you must provide commentary. Posting/soliciting video clips of events recently shown on pay per view will be considered copyright infringement.

[*]Warez: Do not use these forums (this includes Private Messages) to swap/sell/buy illegal software (or other illegal materials), to arrange swapping, or to solicit advice to circumvent copyright protection. No linking to "underground" or "pirate" sites to get copyrighted materials, or asking for said sites. This includes FTP servers, websites, and the like. Soliciting invites to said sites is not permitted. Discussion of widely-known, established filesharing services (such as Kazaa) or websites (Digital Archive Project) is acceptable.

[*]Off-Topic Posting: Posts are to be on the topic of the board description where they're posted. Off Topic posts may be moved or closed at the moderators discretion.

[*]Libel: It's not acceptable to post that you heard X has a drinking/drug/sex/personal problem from a "good" source. Do not post information which can be considered defamatory without a link to a credible media source. Other forums, personal websites, hearsay, and personal testimonials are not considered credible.

[*]Claiming to be a public figure: If you are one and wish to post as such, please contact an administrator for verification.

[*]Outlandish claims of inside information: This is subjective and will be at the discretion of the moderator after consulting with other posters and other administrators. Deference will be given to veteran members who have established credibility.

[*]Playing the Role of Moderator: you're not a moderator so don't correct posters like one. If a thread or post violates the rules use the "Report This Post" button, rather than playing the parent.

Do not plead the first amendment and cite your right to free speech. It does not apply to the private sector. This is a privately owned website. Dancing around the rules, purposely skirting them just to see us twitch will not help you out much, either.

Do not post on behalf of someone who's banned. That'll probably get you banned, too. The idea of being banned is that they're no longer a part of this online forum community and are no longer allowed to interact here. No making threads that give glory to banned people. It's not a violation to mention them in passing but no threads that focus on them. ("Ah, TrollDuJour, I miss him so!" "or Hey, it's TrollduJour's birthday!") Prohibited threads include "What banned member do you miss/would you bring back?" type of threads. They're banned; don't give them that attention. If a moderator gives you specific instructions in a warning, and you blatantly disregard it, you are subject to being banned.

[*]Discussion of illegal drugs should be kept within academic or newsworthy limits only. "How to" discussions and "I'm so stoned" posts may result in repercussions ranging from a warning to immediate and permanent banning, depending on previous history, context of post and nature/content of post. Promotion of anything illegal is strictly prohibited.

[*]Forum Specific Rules: Please check the sticky threads at the top of each forum for any forum specific rules.

[*]One Account per User: multiple accounts are not permitted. If you have a good reason for needing more than one account, contact an administrator and ask for permission. Usage of multiple accounts to circumvent penalties will result in a ban.

[*]Thread Hijacking: taking a thread off-topic to pursue one's own agenda.

[*]Shouting: excessive use of caps, large fonts.

[*] Circumvention of the filter to post banned words/links. If you post a link and it comes out with ***'s instead of letters, its use is banned here due to unsolicited advertising or promotion of illegal activity. Attempting to get around it by using spaces or other techniques will get you banned too.

[*] Circumvention of a temporary ban, infraction penalties, or any other moderation by registering another account will result in a minimum 30 day ban to a maximum permanent ban.

[*]Abuse of Report Bad Post: multiple reports per thread, duplicate or frivolous reports will be deemed abuse and subject to warning. Every report is addressed. Please do not report something more than once.

[*]Promoting or assisting in the use of adblocking software or any other means to filter out our advertisements is strictly prohibited. If you don't want to see advertisements support the site and become a Platinum Member

[*]Disruption of Services: Scrollbombs or posts designed to cause thread or computer problems will result in a permanent ban and notification to your ISP.

[*]Undefined: Obviously we can't anticipate every situation. For that reason, Sherdog.net reserves the right to remove any user at any time for any reason. If we think you're trying to manipulate the system, you'll be removed. Follow the golden rule and treat others the way you would want to be treated yourself and you won't have any problems

Infractions, Warnings, and Penalties There are predefined infractions that expire in 30 days and associated levels of punishment that incrementally disable privileges. Warnings are the same as infractions but carry no point penalty. Most infractions carry a 2 point penalty: Spammed Advertisements, Libel, Warez, Nudity-Porn-Offensive Content, Copyright Infringement, Inappropriate Language, Signature Rule Violation, Insulted Other Member(s) - Flaming, Trolling, Thread Hijacking, and Other Rule Violation. Other Rule Violation is used for infractions not specifically listed (eg illegal drug promotion, ignoring specific forum rules such as in the Mayberry Lounge).

Accumulation of 2 points = Yellow Card
Accumulation of 6 points = Double Yellow Card
Severe offenses may be issued a 10 point infraction resulting in a permanent ban.
Privileges are automatically restored as points expire.

These terms may be changed at any time without notice.

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