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Your most ridiculous UFC or Pride moment


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Jan 21, 2011
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This is completely subjective. What do you remember as one of, or the, most ridiculous moment in the UFC or Pride?

To list a few off the top of my head as examples:

-Titio's "Dana White is my bitch" t-shirt at the weigh-ins
-Brock Lesnar's post-UFC 100 antics
-Whenever Nate Diaz flexes
-Wes Sims stomping out Frank Mir (blatant rule violation example)
-Terry Etim having his face kicked off
-When Tito beat Bader
-Coleman's kids meeting Fedor
-Kimbo Slice
-Corey Hill's broken leg
-Dennis Hallman's balls
-Fedor getting slammed by Randleman
-Pat Barry's staredown with Struve
-Just Bleed guy
-Rashad's wife screaming
-Aldo rushing the fans
-Rampage beating the door down on TUF

Honorable mentions

The Strikeforce brawl and when Fedor lost to Werdum

Whatever comes to mind, post it! Pics and gifs always welcome!

I remember Mark Coleman, when he fought in pride, after a winning he ran and jumped to the side of the ring to celebrate and then he fell down...
I think it was Randy Couture who gave some slaps on tito
Tank returning to the UFC and cutting a promo.
Randleplex on Fedor had me screaming "Holy Fucking Shit!" at my TV... in my house alone.

As a wrestler and Judoka I know you're not supposed to take falls on the head and neck like that...let alone win the fight by udegarmi.
Machida's karate kid kick. My favorite fighter pulling a move right out of a movie is damn hard to top.
Nick Lentz vs Andre Winner

Probably the worst fight I've ever seen.
kimbo slice in the ufc. James Toney fighting randy, & the tapout guy in the hall of fame.
what were they thinking?
Kimbo Slice vs Houston Alexander.
Taking my friend to watch his first UFC PPV, UFC 70. Talking mad crap about how bad a$$ CC is....then, well.....:icon_cry2

One of the many good times, and hindsight is just weird in this case....