News Ngannou/Joshua flops even worse than Ngannou/Fury


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Mar 31, 2008
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Looks like the Francis/Joshua fight was another massive loss. PPV buys for US television were 11,500 for the Fury fight, and only 4,600 for the Joshua fight. The international buys on DAZN would make the total higher, but assuming they're similarly proportioned with the Fury fight, that would make the total around 30,000 PPVs.

PFL have got to be in full panic mode after signing Francis to a big contract, gambling that his star power would increase with boxing. Wouldn't surprise me if they were the ones who told Francis he should take a 3rd boxing bout instead of coming back to MMA.

Goodman wrote, “WON comparing that to FuryNgannou: That number was less than half of the 11,500 television buys for Ngannou vs. Tyson Fury.” Goodman claims both of those numbers were from the first week of the fights, providing a fair comparison.

Saudis came in and saved boxing.

AJ and Fury's stars both waned heavy the past year or 2. Both because of their reactions to brotha Uski.

No way they were ever going to see those 25 million+ cheques without the sports washing petro dollars.

There was little hype in the UK for both of these events.
Weird time for American fans to buy the PPV and Europe doesn't care about the match up.
Boxing is dead just like the ufc nfl nba and nhl. Soon we’ll all be forced to watch ringette and women’s soccer with mega star Meghan rapinoe breaking down all the “action” at halftime
Non title fight featuring a guy with not one single win as a professional boxer didn't rake in the cash at $70 a pop plus a monthly DAZN subscription fee??

Be careful, you might upset some people on here--using logic and reason like it matters.
Non title fight featuring a guy with not one single win as a professional boxer didn't rake in the cash at $70 a pop plus a monthly DAZN subscription fee??

It was completely crazy hearing wishful thinkers pretend it was going to be massive. Whenever it was pointed out that Francis has never been a PPV draw, and the Fury fight flopped, the excuse was "yeah, because people didn't know how good Francis was. Now they do and this one will be huge".

Some people on here are just so emotionally invested in pretending the UFC somehow lost out, when everybody who's dealt with Francis since has either lost huge money, or the PFL who are probably looking for some way out of the horrible deal they signed with him.
i even gave Ngannou a chance vs Joshua but only delusional people thought it was going to be a PPV hit. nobody gives a fuck about Ngannou in MMA, where he was literally the best HW in the world and knocking everyone dead, why would they give a shit about him in a sport where he was 0-1 in? the Saudis played themselves. putting up the money for the Ngannou vs Fury fight cost them the Usyk vs Fury fight in Dec. then it ruined it for the Feb fight. now we're supposed to be set for May.
This is actually really amusing. Has there ever been a situation like this?

These Saudi's have money that you and I can't even fathom, so them throwing away money like this literally means nothing to them. My question is how the hell did Ngannou weasel his way into their cash flow?
They don't care about how many Americans buy the PPV, they care that we forget about the bonesaw
Nobody cares about some MMA fighter boxing a top 5 HW boxer. Only us hardcore fans are actually interested in it.
Children, no PPV is going to sell on a Friday morning.

The UK market PPVs are the only relevant numbers. And they may still suck. But AJ and Frank won't care much.