Goals for 2006


Savage Mystic
May 16, 2003
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Well... what the hell are YOU going to do this year?!

I'm going to strict press 200 overhead, close the number three COC, squat 375, get up to a lean 205 and lift a hex blob.

Write something down fuckers! Make it official! Stand up and declare "I AM GOING TO GET SHIT DONE THIS TIME AROUND THE SUN! AND THIS IS THE OFFICIAL LIST OF THE SHIT I WILL DO:"

I'll even elaborate on how I am going to accomplish these things:
200 overhead - just going to keep doing what I'm doing: high volume, high frequency, low rate of failure on overhead lifts. It's working so far and I like it.

COC 3 - more high volume. 40-90 closes of a gripper in 20 minutes per session. I'll increase the difficulty of a gripper as I see fit by grinding the handles. This is contrary to the way most people say to train on grippers (heavy overcrushes and timed holds and such), but it's worked well in the past and a little consistancy should yeild promising results.

375 squat - simply enough: more time squating. My deadlift seems to go up despite neglect. But my squat needs some TLC. More time under the bar.

weight gain - gtgtgfh (grease the groove to get fucking huge).

the blob - after the blob I have my sights set on the inch, but first thing's first. gonna drill a hole in my block weights and bolt a plate to them. loadable blobs will go a long way and ease the burden on my wallet.
Turn Pro in Boxing and hit mufuckas so hard part of their SOUL dies. And if they can outlast the damage, the pain, the punishment, they'll be completely at a loss for what to do to slow me down. To the degree where my opponents will need to hit me with a Nuclear Warhead.
deadlift 550 lb and squat 600 and bench 400
I'm going to hit 405 on the bench. Thirty tough lbs. to go. I'm also going to concentrate more on MMA and shoot for entering some kind of competition by year end. Finally, I'm going to enter some sort of mini triathlon if I can ever learn to swim efficiently.
I want to find a nice girl. Don't know how i'll do it though.
Improve flexibility - Torque the shit out of my body in inventive ways (probably utilizing pullys)
Neck strength - Spend lots of time on my head
This is probably the best thread I've seen here in a while, good idea Urban.

It's my final year of uni, if I'm going to continue weightlifting while working a fulltime job I will have to stop being a shitkicker, for that reason I'm setting a goal of a 300kg total (most likely 135 snatch and 165 clean & jerk), at a solid 94kg bodyweight so I stop looking like such a lanky bastard. Aims in the assistance lifts are clean pulls at 210-220kg, snatch pulls 170kg, back squat 210kg. To achieve this I must really dedicate myself to the training, both in and out of the gym, no skipped meals, taking care of injuries and playing it smart instead of doing what I did this year, hurting myself and undoing all the good work I'd put in.
PULLDOWN 240 X6 - i weigh 205 pounds, can do 15 pullups and and 6 weighted pullups +45 pounds. kind of a gay goal, but i have been doing these lately to switch things up and they are adding some new size to my back.

BB BENCH 260 X6, 300 X1- i can curently do 235 x5, so should not be that hard, just have to stay healthy.

DB BENCH 105 X6- again defnitely reachable, currently 100 X 5

close grip bench 220 X 6- currently 185 x6.

close COC # 2
develop better CARDIO
become a better swimmer because i swim like a rock
improve boxing skills
develop a groundgame
and hopefully i have rehabbed my core enough to eventually be able to DL/SQUAT again
Most important: gain weight...even if its a slow approach.

Bench over 200 lbs. (225 would be nice) PR is currently 180.
Squat more than I deadlift..... PR DL is currently 280....want to reach around the 350s)
Hang a 10 lbs. plate off my penis.
Goals for 2006:
* DL 405, SQ 315, BB 315
* Increase cardio to prepare for JJ training (one next item is done)
* Finish master's program (April)
* Close #2 CoC with both hands (@!$ finger injury, wigthout it I may have had it on the right)
* Drop my gut off somewhere - get down to 250
* Replace the carpet and tile in most of my house (damn you real world)
goals for 2006:

-dunk a basketball
-run faster
-close the #2 again but this time with authority and #3
-at least double bodyweight in the squat and deadlift
-get a bit leaner
-punch like a mule
SQ-275 x 8
DL- 350 x 8

Get up to a lean 200lbs. I'm 193lbs right now. MT has helped me get into much better shape.
-- Goals for 2006 --

Continue studying history and then continue with religion on university. Get a part time job on the side that provide me with an economy. For the second time in my life move away from my parents house.
Make love to many beatiful women. Have a lot of fun.

Start to eat real food. Stop with the poison known to man as coca cola and at the same time beat my sugar-adiction..
Get good sleep.

Start strength training again. Goals in the gym:

100kg x 5 in the bench
80kg x 5 in the military press
200kg x 1 in the deadlift
150kg x 5 below paralell in the squat
100kg x 5 in the bent over row
15 pullups
30 dips
15 pistols
15 handstand pushups
100 pushups
500 hindu squats (under 15min)
10 standing ab-wheel rolouts
(No idea exacty where im at right now, I will edit this in when I find this out over the next weeks)

Continue to train and focus on grapling (subwrestling and greco). Try and add in more shooto and standing elements in my training.
Compete in submissionwrestling.

Slim down to my natural weight for my length (170cm) which I think should be between 70-80kg, im around 95kg right now.
Raise my level of conditioning. Compete in Stockholm Marathon next summer.

Start incorporating gpp and grip training weekly.
DL - double bodyweight
BP - 1.5 x bodyweight
SQ - double bodyweight

Close the CoC 2 and start on the 3.
Inspire fear and hopelessness into those I grapple with.
Get to within sight of the purple.

Spend less time on Sherdog (except for S&P).
Become a full-time translator of Japanese.
By the end of March:
-520 Deadlift
-220x8 on the DB bench press
-220x5 highpull
-situps with 50 pounds held behind head
-One arm row 150x8
-12 front levers w/ my sledge
-being able to close the #2 with both hands on all attempts

From April to August
-work on my conditioning through burpees and the bear
-Throw judo blackbelts like they're rag dolls
-goofy stuff like handstands, handstand pushups and pistols
-Maintain my base level of strength or even improve it a little

August to the end of the year
-Get back into serious lifting, then who knows
For the most part I'm gonna be working on OH pressing this year aiming towards a 180 lb. OHP. Hopefully in the process I will remedy my vagina shoulder problem as well.

I've also decided to bulk back up towards a bodyweight of 195-210 lbs. Training more frequently and eating big is my usual approach to this however this time around I will be doing a tonne of conditioning work as well (tabatas, running etc.) so I'll have a lot more room to eat more!
what do you OHP right now sonny? at what bodyweight? you're talking about strict press right?
Urban said:
what do you OHP right now sonny? at what bodyweight? you're talking about strict press right?

Yeah, strict press. My max is a pitiful 135 lbs. right now and I'm around 180 lbs.

I'm not sure what the hell is going on but I've been having shit luck these past few months in terms of injuries/illness. I try to just buck up and go for it but there are days where I just can't. I'm hoping 2006 will be a better year for me in general.
1.Buy a weighted vest
2.get my calves large and freaky
3. get my forearms large and freaky
4. achive handstand pushup between chairs away from wall with atleast 10 reps
5. complete one hand pushups with a wieght extended in the oposit hand and feet together
6. complete 10 one leg squat holding atleast 50lb close to my chest
7. 10 reps in lying leg raises with 50lb between feet
8. 10 reps in situps with 50lb behind neak
9.write a book on equipment free training. (that isn't totaly gay like matt fury's)
10. start competivly fighting in mauy thai
11. perfect the metabolic diet i've been working on.
12. find a better job.
13. make a wrist roller to suplement goal #3
so just a few things, some modest, some big. but all equaly important
By June...
225 Push Press
205 Strict OHP
500 DL (RAW)
450 Squat (RAW)
Close the #2 and start #3
Get some stones ect..
Maybe drop some weight but its nothin to lose sleep over