Which one of these would make the best book cover?


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Sep 21, 2011
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UPDATE: Three more added to work with my suggestions

Not going into the details of the story but my brother drew these early sketches for the cover of my ebook I'm putting up soon. I guess I'm asking which one of these is more likely to grab your attention on a book shelf, virtual or not? And remember these are just sketches so far.






more pics on this page:
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Number 1... but I like number 6, even though I don't see the title.

Although I'm making a guess in the dark because your dumbass won't tell us what the book is about, so I don't know what the mood of the cover should be.
Gotta be honest, you could make the cover a rainbow billboard, but a book named Pilgrim Snow aint catching my attention. 1 or 2 is nice though, I guess.
I asked him to try another mixing 4 and 5.

I love the skull pic, but I just don't think it fits in with the story. The tone is mean to be warm and light hearted, with a religious undertone. I just don't Beelzebub staring down on them works well with it. Also asked to try the same picture but of something lighter.
Between 2 and 6 for sure. Number 2 looks clean, simple, and professional while 6 is creative and kind of captures your attention. Can't go wrong with either one. Is this some Scott Pilgrim fan fic?
Gotta be honest, you could make the cover a billboard, but a book named Pilgrim Snow aint catching my attention. 1 or 2 is nice though, I guess.

throw something out there along the same lines. I originally had it as "Vagrant Story" but I later found out there was a popular video game of the same name. Throw out some words along those lines. I'm actually having a problem with the title.
Okay since I accidentally added one twice there's only five now.
number five. you should change your story to match his cover
What the hell is it about???? They all seem like covers for different genres of books. Number one looks like a kids book while number 5 looks lie some post apocalypses adult stuff...
The name Pilgrim Snow actually came from a Yoko Kanno song of the same name. Hell if Haruki Murakami can get away with Norwegian wood I should be allowed do this. I've always thought it was the best title for a song I've ever heard, ironically right beside Norwegian Wood.

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It's between number 1 and 5 to me
Number 2 and number 5. Those are interest. Number 5 in particular seems like there is a ton of potential for it. I would kind of need to read a synopsis to see if it's actually what it should be though.
they all look pretty good for a childrens book