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Jun 29, 2011
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Attempt #2 after this was posted in General :icon_cry2

So is anyone planning on adding a new addition to the family this holiday season? Well post here about your new puppy!

I'll start. My entire family went and bought me a 8 week old Basset Hound puppy, for Xmas, but surprised me with her yesterday. I was completely shocked. I had told my sister, I was maybe considering adopting a dog next year. Well Out of the blue now I have a pure breed, Lemon Basset Hound,female, Named Viva. Viva is short for Vivienne in Norwegian, which my old dogs name was Vivian(who was also a Basset Hound). She will be calm and sitting on you your lap, the the next minute, shes zooming around the house at mach 1, shredding everything she can grab in the process.

I'm a little intimidated, because I haven't had a dog in about a decade, and since this came as a shock, I had no time to prepare or study.

I got her a bed, kennel, training pads, teething sticks, reward treats, puppy food, and toys. I'm considering doing obedience classes, but Basset Hounds are very hard to train, so I'm not sure if it will be worth it. Gotta fix the fence in the yard, and get her micro chipped ASAP. If a Basset smell something, they wont look up until they find or lose the scent, so the can wander off.

So my next few weeks should be super exciting. Here's some pics of baby Viva. And I hope other puppy owners post up their's as well and any puppy advice is welcome.





Lets see everyone else's new pets!


Update. Viva the Basset Hound goes into the vet Thursday the 10th. Lets take bets Ok here is the guess the Baby Basset Hounds weight contest.

At her 9 week vet visit she weighed 14.7 LBS, We free feed, so she has been a eating machine

this is where i will copy and paste other peoples guesses. The winner will be shipped 3 bottles of my company, Voodoo Foods LLC. They will get a bottle of original Voodoo Sauce, spicy Headhunter BBQ sauce, and Pineapple-Honey Witch Doctor BBQ Sauce. Good luck.

Results will be on post 83
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Can you hear me now???GOODDDD!!!!!
I was thinking about getting a pup. But i was gonna go to the local shelter like a responsible person. I get there, see all the dogs and got depressed that probably half of them would be dead in a week so i left.
I saved no one, i have failed our doggy brethren, now i can't go back. I have the stink of failure on me, the dogs will smell it i'm sure.
I was planning to get a shelter dog, but family beat me to the punch
Cute dog TS. I'm planning to adopt one, but I'm waiting a little while longer until my financial/living conditions are more stable. Between work and school, I'm not sure I can give my undivided attention to a puppy at this moment. I really want to get one though, I miss my old boy.
The cuteness ITT is reaching dangerous levels.
Awesome puppy ! They look so funny when they grow up


I live in an apartment at the moment, might be moving soon and hopefully getting a dog after I'm settled in
Oh my gooddddd she's so cute. Congrats, TS! I love her ears.

In a week it's been 4 years ago I got my dog. Best Christmas gift ever <3
Looking at adopt a resuce basset right now to be honest. She is between 4-6yrs old though. Waiting for the adoption to come by for a visit this week. I love bassets and had one for yrs. They are great dogs and become your best friend. Gongrats.
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I adopted a mutt this week-end and so far he's amazing!

Chocolate lab/GSD/American red nose mix

He looks more like a chocolate lab than the other 2 even though he's got a frew wrinkles on his face and his nose is shorter than a lab's or GSD. Some people also thought he had some burnese moutain dog in him because of the patterns(got some white and tan on the face, chest and paws)

Would post a pic but don't know how to do it from my phone
Yeah I grew up with a Basset Hound, so it's pretty cool having another one. They can be so of the most amazing dogs.

I am pretty excited, that so far after 5 days of crate training she's really doing well with it. Like all hounds though, obedience training is really tough, but making good progress so far.
Oh Puppies... When eating your own feet looks cute and entertaining.....