S&p Thanks For The Support, & Congrats To Cain

Brad Morris

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Professional Fighter
Sep 15, 2004
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Thanks guys for the support it really amazed me how much you guys got behind me. I am bitterly disappointed with my loss, with my performance really. I got caught with a punch and woke up on the ground, by then Cain had mount and it was all downhill from there.

Congrats to Cain, I have no excuses, he was the better fighter, my physical and mental preparation both went well. He won in an impressive fashion.

So again thanks guys for your support, it meant a lot to me. Sorry to let you guys down!

Brad Morris
War brad! Chin up buddy, looking forward to your next fight the Aussie Death Carriage rolls on!

You're an inspiration to me man. Seeing how you balance your family life, training, and work is awe inspiring. Get some rest and get back in the gym brother.

You haven't let anyone down. Your efforts have allowed hundreds of strangers to live vicariously through you. Good work man.
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I know I'm not getting off of the Brad Morris warwagon. I can't wait to see you take it to the next poor sap in the ring or cage with you.

Thanks for keeping us updated on everything.
Bullshit, you let none of us down. I think I speak for everyone when I say we are all incredibly proud of you.

x2. You fought in the freakin' UFC, man. Nothin' can take that from you. Obviously ya wish ya did better, but hey, it happens to everybody at some point. Just gotta keep on it. As Donut said, we're still proud of ya to get there.


You didn't let us down. You have more balls then me getting in the cage!!!
Brad, you have nothing to apologize for. You paid you dues, made it to the big time, faced a tough opponent and handled defeat with class.

In the long run, I'm sure tonight's fight will serve to push you forward.

Brad I cannot believe you're apologizing for anything. You had the guts and determination to step on the stage of the biggest arena and do what most of us will never do/experience. I am personally very proud of you bro and I know you will make adjustments and come back firing on all cylinders next fight. This is just one battle, the war is yet to be decided.
You didn't let anyone down dude.

Everyone is happy for you in victory and in defeat.

Congrats to you for getting into the big show.

Hopefully you'll get another fight soon and get that KO.
You made it to arguably the most prestigious fighting organization in the world. That is a truly amazing feat for a man to accomplish. You have every reason in the world to hold your head up high.

Side note, does anyone know if the fight made the PPV cut? Starts in 30 mins, right?
You impress me nearly every day with your training feats, discipline, as well as pure sportsmanship. I have no doubt whatsover that you'll do well in the UFC in the future. Keep your head up and you'll be back in the octagon in no time.
Your the man Brad! Im sorry this fight didnt work out for you. I hope you get back to figuring out how to get to the top soon! Unfortunately I havent seen it yet I just read it off the play by play. It will be interesting to see what you think about it after you have a chance to sit back and think about it and watch tape. Just my blind guess would be you were thinking takedown and he snuk one in on you. Getting stung early is douche man and it sounds like you didnt get a chance to show your moves. How were you feeling at the start bell? How much where first time huge show nerves a factor? Or where you calm and ready and just had some bad luck? Anyhow bub, congrats on the dream and good luck on getting back!