Game of Death(Lifts) 2013 Comp.


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Feb 10, 2009
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From the twisted genius who created the Squatr Bowl comes an even more epic and brutal challenge...:icon_twis

2013 is the 40th anniversary of the death of Bruce Lee. He died while filming Game of Death. Lee was a pioneer of MMA, the first high level Martial Artist to admit that no single style had all the answers and to use techniques from any style he felt worked for him and his students. Years ahead of his time, Lee developed Jeet Kune Do, a type of proto-MMA, where students were trained to use whatever worked for them, no matter which style the technique came from, and to fight at every range of Combat.

While most Martial Artist were content with non-contact "sparring" and never leaving their comfort zone, Lee used methods from Boxing such as full contact sparring wearing gloves and the use of heavy bags, focus mitts etc to develop power, speed and mental toughness. At a time when most Martial Artists did little in the way of Strength and Conditioning beyond practicing their Arts, Lee was using LISS, Sprints and Weight Training. He famously stated that, "Any real fight is 60% Conditioning, 40% Technique.":cool:

In honor of his legacy, I propose a Deadlift and Overhead Press Competition for 2013.

1)Game of Death(lifts) will run from 1st January to 1 July.

2)Winner will be the Team with the largest total improvement.

3)All PR's must be videoed. Hitching etc will disqualify the Deadlift.

4)Pull from the floor; no blocks etc.

5)Competitors may pull Conventional or Sumo.

6)Belts, Knee, and Elbow Wraps are allowed, but Belts must be declared when someone signs up. No Straps are allowed for PR's.

7)Competitors must give a Starting Max before the Game begins.

8)Overhead Press rules: the Bar must lockout with both elbows straight. Video proof is required. Belts are fine.

9)Competitors may choose to SOHP, Push-Press, Split Jerk or Power Jerk, but they must declare which Press they choose before the competition starts and stick with it.

Anyone who's interested, sign up in this Thread and we'll see if we have enough for Teams.

1)KnightTemplar(Starting Maxes with Belt: 160kg Deadlift/60kg SOHP)

2)Cheez Whiz(Starting Maxes: 441lb Deadlift/185lb SOHP)

3)CrazyNutz(Starting Maxes: 255lb Deadlifts/145lbs SOHP)

4)Kotriz(Starting Maxes with Belt: 240kg Deadlift/100kg SOHP)

5)K1 Hughes(Starting Maxes: 140kg Deadlift/55kg SOHP)

6)Twisted Elbow(Starting Maxes: 365lb Deadlift/185lb Push Press)

7)Hatchoo(Starting Maxes: 445lb Deadlift/165lb SOHP/185lb Push Press)

8)MMAfreedom(Starting Maxes: Deadlift 395lbs/SOHP 165lbs)

9)DatchGuy(Starting Maxes with Belt: 315lb Deadlift/150lb SOHP)

10)DrBdan(Starting Max: 455lb Deadlift/135lb SOHP)

11)TheeFaulted(Captain. Starting Maxes: 500lb Deadlift/205lb Push-Press)

12)DonBude(Starting Maxes: 200kg Deadlift/70kg SOHP)

13)WitchCraft(CaptainStarting Maxes: 245lb Deadlift/70lb SOHP)

14)Vladimirtzu(Starting Maxes: 455lb Deadlift/190lb SOHP)

15)MAAddict(Captain Starting Max: 425lb Sumo Deadlift)

16)Kinglee(Starting Maxes: 200kg Deadlift/ SOHP)

17)NahVeed(Starting Max with Belt: 340lb Deadlift/120lb SOHP)

18)SSDD(Starting Max 365lbs)

19)Modern Warrior1(Starting Maxes: 245lb Deadlift/140lb SOHP)

20)Kripto(Starting Maxes: 430lbs Deadlift/135lb SOHP)

21)EddieLovesYou(Starting Max: 455lb Deadlift/155lb SOHP)

22)Calvus(Starting Maxes: 475lb Deadlift/220lb Push-Press)

23)EastNYgoon(Starting Maxes: 535lb Deadlift/235lb Push-Press)

24)RukshawM4st3r(Starting Max 325lbs)

25)Keilza(Starting Max with Belt: 150kg Deadlift/55kg SOHP)

26)Panterafan(Starting Maxes: 175kg Deadlift/55kg SOHP. Both lifts with Belt)

27)Chucknate(Starting Max 435lbs)

28)Mdewey(Starting Max with Belt: 495lb Deadlift/175lb SOHP)

29)Toonie(Starting Maxes: 475lb Deadlift/160lb SOHP)

30)The_observer86(Starting Max 184kg Deadlift, no Belt. 61kg SOHP)

31)Gingervitis(Starting Maxes: 385lb Deadlift/163lb SOHP)

32)Keosawa(Starting Max: 570lb Deadlift/200lb SOHP)

33)LegioTitan(Captain. Starting Max: 525lbs)

34)Fighting Sprite(Starting Maxes 358lb Deadlift/135lb SOHP)

35)Gfreak(Starting Maxes with Belt: 405lb Deadlift/240lb Jerk)

36)Tekkno(Starting Maxes: 130kg Deadlift/50kg SOHP)


38)Guilingeseguy(Starting Maxes: 170kg Deadlift/55kg SOHP)

39)BobVulture(Starting Maxes: 324lb Deadlift/114lb SOHP)

40)Redaxe(Starting Maxes with Belt: 435lb Deadlift/165lb SOHP)

41)Silent_Samurai(Starting Max 150kg)


43)Jhthm(Starting Max: 150kg)

44)ThePitBull32(Starting Maxes: 475lb Deadlift/165lb SOHP)

45)TeddyRoosevelt(Starting Max: 425lbs)

46)AlbionOakley(Starting Maxes: 170kg Deadlift/55kg SOHP)

47)SmashPassSubmit(Starting Max: 365lb Deadlift/125lb SOHP)

48)NurseKuckles(Starting Maxes: 385lb Deadlift/150lb SOHP)

49)Grrthetree(Starting Maxes: Deadlift 365lbs/SOHP 165lbs)

50)Kiwitricker(Starting Max with Belt: 187.5kg Deadlift)


52)Miaou(Starting Maxes: 160kg Deadlift/72.5kg SOHP)

53)Big Jack(Starting Maxes: 170kg Deadlift/62.5kg SOHP)

54)Aleks Systevich(Starting Maxes: 435lb Deadlift/145lb SOHP)

55)xPINKx(Captain. Starting Maxes: 105kg Snatch Grip Deadlift/70kg Push Press)

56)MilkManUK(Starting Maxes: 190kg Deadlift/77.5kg SOHP)

57)SoILL618(Starting Maxes: 415lb Deadlift/155lb SOHP)

58)Scoops619(Starting Maxes with Belt: 330lb Deadlift/150lb SOHP)

59)Krellik(Starting Maxes: 160kg Deadlift/71kg SOHP)

60)Dza(Starting Maxes with Belt: 395lb Deadlift/185lb SOHP)

61)Bcplifter2(Starting Maxes with Belt: 395lb Sumo Deadlift/185lb SOHP)

62)LitteringAnd(Starting Max: 330lb Deadlift/215lb Push-Press)

63)Myaa22(Starting Maxes: 350lb Sumo Deadlift/135lb SOHP)

64)Real LoveGun(Starting Max: 375lb Deadlift)

65)Sotacram(Starting Maxes: 305lb Deadlift/130lb SOHP)

66)Tsugaru(Starting Maxes: 360lb Deadlift with Belt/170lb SOHP)

67)CRZA(Starting Maxes: 240kg Deadlift/100kg Push-Press)

68)SmashiusClay(Starting Maxes: 175kg Deadlift/92.5kg SOHP)

69)Falufalump(Starting Maxes: 235lb Deadlift/100lb SOHP).

70)ChiliDavis65(Starting Maxes: 465lb Deadlift/185lb SOHP)




Chaospfa(Starting Maxes: 110kg Deadlift/55kg SOHP)

Tankimus(Starting Maxes: 325lb Deadlift/125lb SOHP)


Babyeater(Starting Maxes: 300lb Deadlift/75lb SOHP)

Heardheart(Starting Maxes: 385lb Deadlift with Belt/145 SOHP)

Golvmopp(Starting Maxes: 190kg Deadlift/82.5kg SOHP)
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I'm in. And for what it's worth, of course you'll allow sumo.

edit -- Also, why the hell would you allow straps? Please just real deadlifts like in a meet.
Yay, I was hoping something new would start with the new year. I'm in.
I'm so in. My deadlift could use some improving and this will be the motivation
I'm in. And for what it's worth, of course you'll allow sumo.

edit -- Also, why the hell would you allow straps? Please just real deadlifts like in a meet.

I don't use Straps, but I know some very strong lifters who do. I didn't want to alienate anyone.
I'm in! I plan on concentrating on my deadlifts anyway, so this will push me even more.
I'm in, though I should mention that my focus for early 2013 will be my bench press and Muay Thai. That might affect when I get picked.
I'm in, though I should mention that my focus for early 2013 will be my bench press and Muay Thai. That might affect when I get picked.

Glad to have you aboard. And don't worry about it; my main focus next year will be Martial Arts, especially BJJ.:cool:
I'm not interested if the comp isn't strapless. They can still train with straps but the PR must be strapless like any powerlifting meet.
I'm not interested if the comp isn't strapless. They can still train with straps but the PR must be strapless like any powerlifting meet.

Duly noted. I'll add your name to the list, and unless there are any serious objections, I'll amend the rules to Strapless.

I don't use Straps myself, but like I said I didn't want to alienate other competitors.
I can't imagine any serious contributor to F13 Being against competing strapless.

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