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Freeman's Training Log


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Jul 26, 2006
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The reason for the name of my log is because when posting questions about my perpetually changing workouts it was said my lift schedual looked like workout ADD.

I'm lifting 3 days a week, and doing cardio 2 days.

Current lifting schedule is a P/P/S routine. Cardio varies.


Squat 275x4x5
DL: 275 x 2
Bench: 205x5

weight: 188lbs first thing when i wake up
hight: 5'2"

I'm going to start beginner BJJ and MMA sometime in the next month or so.
I have a torn ACL and will be getting surgery in a year or so.
On August 8th I'm getting married and my wonderful fiance and I are in the midst of buying a house. So if my schedule gets messed up please forgive me then kick my ass for me.

Update Sept 10th 2008:

Current PRs:

Squat: 370 (thanks to the squat competition)
DL: 355 (needs testing but, probably no significant change)
Bench: 225 x 3

weight: as high as 206 first thing in the AM

Haven't joined BJJ yet, not enough time in the day, lots of stuff to do around the house when I get home. I now hope to start in the winter. Lifting is being reduced to 2x a week, other GPP stuff is happening on the weekends now, but I'm not getting stronger from it.

Current goal: get the big three to 1K, then maintain strenth and loose weight. It'll be tough going with the current schedual

Update: Aug 14, 2009

On Sept 21, 2008 I tested all my maxes

I had a touch and go BP of 245
DL of 370
And a squat of 405 (hips below knees, not ass to grass).

At Christmas of my wife bought me a gi and a month membership to the local BJJ/MMA club. At Christmas I weighed as much as 220lb.

Tonights Workout:

I like to start off on the stationary bikes usually 10ish minutes to help get warmed up. Tonight it was only 5~7.

Started off with the May conditioning

challenge of Snatches fo total weight moved. I used a really crappy clock on the wall to *try* to keep track of time.

overall DB snatches in 3 min:
45lb dumbell x 59 snatches = 2655

I'm not satisfied with that.

OH press
45 x 10
65 x 10
95 x 7
105 x 5
105 x 5 (last couple with a gentle push)
105 x 5 (all with some push)

DB Bench, 80lb dumbells


happy with this considering the work that was done before this.

Dips, BW


Sit-Up, plate over my toes, torso to 90 degrees. 4x25

Then hanging knee raises 4x25.
Interesting day at work today. It is health and safety week, and there have been a few unusual things around my work that are promoting health and safety. One of them being a local 'gym' that brought their equipment for free trial use.

By gym i mean:
Welcome to VibroGym

Basically its a vibrating platform that you can do squats, pushups, curls or whatever whilst having the crap shaken out of you. Supposedly your muscles are flexing and relaxing uber fast for an uber workout. the workout stuff seemed pretty easy as it was body weight exercieses but the thing I really enjoyed about it was the massage at the end (just relaxing while being shaken fast actually feels great).

As for the actual workout of the day i went to the gym really close to closing time (late day at work as the health and safety festivities cut into my productivity and I'm just tired from staying up late last night).

Did the treadmill 'challenge' that folks in the conditioning forum were talking about. 5 min at 5mph then 5 min at 6mph, then 7mph, sequetinally to 10mph.

Being tired and a crappy runner I thought I would do good if I got to 5 min at 8mph, but I actually got up to 9mph for 2 minutes. still a long way from the end of the challenge but better than I thought I'd do.

Will give this another go someday when I'm feeling fresh.
Hey I'm always looking to avoid injuries. How did you tear your ACL?
Life's getting complecad as the future wifey and I are getting a house, and we've been doing a tonne of paperwork and meetings to seal the deal and on top of that I'm getting sick (BOOOOOOOO!!!!)

Regardless i slept in and went to the gym (nice and quiet as it is Mom's day).

bike warmup then back squats

45 x 10
135 x5
225 x 5
245 x 5 x2
265 x 5 x2

(I know this is lower that what my normal 5x5 is but i eased off the weight as I feel like crap and also my form has been lacking.)

front squats with a dumbell

50lb x 10
70 x 5
90 x5x4

Then I tried something different. I tried doing squats on one of the balace thingies (It's like 1/3 of a exercise ball, with a flat top).

I did squats (no wieght) on it but each time I put my arms in another direction, to try to make my body focus on keeping balance, I did 25 and it was okay. then i did it holding 10lb fo fo dumbells, and i got really shaky going down low and it didn't feel good on the bad knee so I stopped.

I then trid doing it on the floor with 20lb dumbells but then it was mostly just working my shoulders.

Then did grip work:
static holds with 15 or 20lb hex dumbells with farmers walks the length of the weight room and back with 65lb dbs.

hacked up some flem and went home.
Hey I'm always looking to avoid injuries. How did you tear your ACL?

two summers ago I was playing frisbee with friends; I jumped up to catch the frisbee and came down with my leg fully extended, and then it buckled to the side. I didn't go to the doctor but I believe that I first gave my ACL a partial tear. I rehabed it on my own.

last summer i was in the barn with my dad doing some routine chores and i just took a step backwards, not strait legged or anything and my leg just gave way nearly completly (I now have a complet ACL tear with some damage to my menisucs). after a few days of trying to rehab it i went to a clinic and got sent to specialists and physio.

physio has helped tremendously, however I still want to get the frigging thing fixed up with surgury, which will happen next year.
long day with my Uni grad ceremony. still sick. had 10 hours of neo-citron induced sleep last night (with lots of coughing interuptions).

half hour of eliptical. blah. neocitron. bed. Freeman - out.
Pull Day:


a wack of deads with the bar
245 x5

Really new to the deads, I think I can increase this quite rapidly.

did supersets of bent over rows to pull ups.

135x12 bor
5xpull up (bodyweight)
135x12 bor
5x Chin Up
7x Chinnies

3 sets of 15 hammer curls (per arm) with 25lb. dbs

18 minute interval run (run hard 5 min, rest 1 min for 3 rounds).

felt really good today, I was off 2 days because I was sick but I seems it was good for me afterall.

17 min on treadmill
3x 5 min rounds with 1 min easy jog between rounds

17 min on eliptical same thing

10 minutes on rowing machine, slow and easy after pull day yesterday.
Push Press:

10 minute warm-up on the bike

DB bench press,

warmup: 60lb db's x 10



100x5x4 (bit of push press on the last couple reps on the last two sets).

Dips (no weight added)

I need to watch how long of a break I take, to make sure i can do the best I can on my sets.

I saw a skipping rope on the floor next to the wooden spot where the pumper-plates are.

I've seen people take ropes out from the desk at the gym and people skip there before, but I hadn't tried it at the gym before. This rope was plastic and strechy and had thick foam covered handles. I actually did quite well! I have a 'speed rope' and I suck at it.

Next cardio day I'll do some skip rope.

4k burtal run/walk

between my fiance's apt and mine there is a hill roughly 1K long and has an average incline of 5% (some parts are negative some parts are about 8%).

sart at the fiance's place go up a little bit then go all the way down the hill (1 K) rest, run halfway up the hill, rest, finish the hill rest. (makes 2K total). repeat.

I still have my cold and I'd have to check around frequently, then do a good farmers blow and hock a loggie.
Happy Squat Day Everyone!

10 min of pretty hard biking

Back Squat:

frigging awesome! (for me)

front squats (body builder)

box jumps, 20x5

a whole bunch of leg curls kept messing with the weight and reps.

5x15 abwheelies
5x15 sit ups (to make my head 90 degrees)
Dead/Pull/Gun work

I lift at a University Gym that has a good amount of weights and equipment but people never put crap back. I wanted to use the really cool jump rope last couple times I was in the gym but its missing. today the weights were everywhere when I got there. Such a frigging pain.

Started by warming up with high rep really light weight deads for a couple sets.


5x275x4 (PR)
5x285 (PR)

I've never lifted so much on deads before and this was a big increase for me. Hope I can get out of bed tommorow.

tried to super set wide grip chinnies and bent over db rows.

10 / 10 x45db
10 / 10 x45db
10 / 10 x45db
7 (threw up in my mouth and stoped, LOL). 10x40db

get ready for the gun show, curlz:
30lb dumbell per arm, 8 reps per arm, x4

55lb db x 15x 2
65lb db x 12x2

this was brutal just trying to hold the wieght.
Log has come in handy already, as I forgot what I was actually supposed to lift today.

Yesterday, May 23rd:

Cardio, did the treadmill 'challenge' that was discussed on the conditioning forum. got to 2 and a half minutes on 9mph. and that was as far as I could get. Walked it out for a minute then went back to running at 7.5 for 5 and a half minutes.


I'm amped up for Sherk/Penn tonight, and I went berzerk in the gym.

DB Bench:


Incline DB Bench:


OH DB press



I got to do something that I've never really done before: Med Ball Slams, the gym was really quiet and I was doing them on the mats where people do ab stuff/stretching.

Med ball Slams:
4 or 5 x 12
and it was FUN!

Then I asked the guy working at the desk if he minded if I took the med ball into the squash quart to do more slams, he said yeah sure whatever (that's the cool thing about working out at a Uni gym is that people working there don't really care at all).

Med ball throws:

2 x 20

wall throws/slams
10 each side.

Then I started another set of throws and halfway through the ball made a funny noise when it hit the ground. I broke it. The ball ripped in the leather paralell to the seam where it ties up. I suck!!!

Back inside the weight room told the guy I broke the med ball. He didn't care of course but now my conseince is clear.

so then i grabbed a little weighted ball (not like a med ball but their like little weighted volleyballs. I dropped it on my guts for 3 sets of 25.

Hanging crunches 4x25

Calf raises on the back of the bench (so I can lower my heel past normal standing level).
3x25 each leg, no added weight

Hex Dumbell Holds

20 lb held for 25 sec x 3

Did the snaches challenge from the Master Monthly Challenges: snatches for weight moved in 3 min. (75x40lb=3000lb)

then treadmill for 15 min, and bike for 12.
Squat Day:

Back Squats
warm ups with bar

OH Squats

Leg Extentions:
6x10 with 100lbs.

home to play DDR with the fiance.

Treadmill for 16 min on incline
Stairclimber for 10 min
12 min of Rowing.

Right after Squat day. ROUGH!!!!
Deads and Pulls

warm ups with the bar

supersets of wide grip chinnies to bent over rows with dumbbell

(10 chinnies/135 rows x 10) x3
7 chinnes (failure) / 135 x 10

machine rows (I really cant tell how much I'm pulling) 5 x 15

cable curls (again can't tell how much i was really pulling) 4x 15
yesterday rest; today cardio/muscle endurance.

Started with the May monthly challenge

3 min of snatch for most weight moved. got 74 reps x 45lb weight for 3330lb.

then sat for 3 minutes and went to do burpies and I saw tweety birds, so I walked it out for 2 min and then did 100 burpies (10x10) in 11:10. That sucked. I've don 100 in 7:30 or so before, the snatches really took the life out of me.

then 60 abwheel burpies (10,10,10,15,15). a walk from one end of the room in between sets.

worked on OH squat form. the bar for 15x6

hoped on a bike and did drills for 12 min, going backwards, forwards, jam the brakes and start again, crank the tension and get up out of the seat.