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Your number one goal for 2013

Same as last year, Make as much money as i can possibly make.

Also i wanna take my girl to Africa as a graduation present for getting her masters at Columbia. I also wanna do something for my mom.
Train MMA regularly for the whole year without another serious injury, finally compete in a bjj tournament and get my blue belt.

Also get into NYPD, but I'm waiting on them to get back to me and it might be another year even, so hard to really make it a goal
Drop twenty pounds and get my ass in shape for boot camp.
continue taking the path of least resistance
3 of them to be exact:
Get back in school
Find a well paying job (or keep my fingers crossed for promotion at current job)
Publish my first short story
Complete physical therapy, get back into training and win my first Muay Thai bout

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