Your number one goal for 2013


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Oct 22, 2010
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What is your number one goal for 2013? The one thing you want to accomplish above all else in the new year. Personally I want to defeat my various addictions and try being straight edge for a while.
I want to become healthy again, in a broad sense of the word
I've been doing my list of goals by school year. My main goal has been to find a job for my major since this is my last year. Not going to well so far.
Get blacked out hammered.
I want to ejaculate with greater frequency, preferably inside a wider variety of women.
I have a few years before reaching that one...

Good luck, and get it paid off ASAP -otherwise your just throwing away money.

Im about to finish about 20 years of paying on debt. I've been a slave since I was 17.
I want to be in excellent shape for my first boxing match in february, travel to somewhere really cool, take up yoga, get good grades, and make it into business school. I also want to have sex a lot and try at least two new drugs, but those two can wait.

number one is probably boxing just because that's the most concrete as of now.
finsh my accounting degree and to finish 1/2 of the CPAs
gonna lose my (non-degree related) job at the end of December.. so my goals are

1) build on my comp sci degree by working on personal programming projects to put on my resume.. and study concepts i've forgotten

2) diet + exercise and get back to that UFC gym i keep paying for and not using. i need to lose that beer belly
Two chicks at the same time