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Your number one goal for 2013

Build up my freelance business by 200% and start competing in BJJ while getting through the blessing of the birth of my second child.
Go back to Canada, and give my daughters the best life possible. Life here in my opinion is pretty lousy for raising kids. Usually maids raise peoples children here. There's some grass in the middle of our complex, and you're not even allowed to walk on it. Can't wait until they have their own back yard, can go swimming at the lake, and ride their bikes. Simple things.
My goal is to find a career job. My current one is for the birds. I barely make enough money to get by. It's stressful living paycheck to paycheck
Save Money is my number one goal

for fitness my personal goal is 30 pull ups and a 6 min mile
Good luck, and get it paid off ASAP -otherwise your just throwing away money.

Im about to finish about 20 years of paying on debt. I've been a slave since I was 17.

Yea, I'm looking at 25k in debt. I really just need to make sure I get a job in my field. I easily can keep costs though aside from a gym membership once I'm out of school.

finsh my accounting degree and to finish 1/2 of the CPAs

Looks similar to me. I hope to at least pass one after May before the end of the year.
Give up cigs and alcohol, commit to training 5-6 days a week instead of 3-4, and eat a healthier diet.