Why are people saying they want Shogun to retire already?


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Nov 12, 2012
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He's only 31, and I'm sure a fighters prime is around 30-34 years old. People are saying that he should retire already.
Because he has the knees of a man twice his age.
They say it because he's been fighting professionally almost 11 years now, he's got some wear and tear in the leg surgeries and other injuries.

But he's definitely still young and I'd love to see him fight until he's Anderson's age as long as he's still competitive.
He's only 31, and I'm sure a fighters prime is around 30-34 years old. People are saying that he should retire already.

Doesn't work that way man. He is only 31 but he has been fighter killers since he was in his early twenties. Thats a long time, and a lot of wars. He has absorbed and enormous amount of damage. Nobody wants to see him dead at 60 with brain damage. The average life span of an NFL player is like 60, MMA is probably comparable in terms of damage to your body.
Because people don't think his body can take much more. The surgeries, wars, etc all take their toll.

If his knee's are shot, he needs to retire. You cannot train and fight with shot knee's. I would rather see him retire, then watch him stick around to be used as a stepping stone for up and coming fighters. If his body is failing then he needs to retire.
He is only going to tarnish his legacy. He should retire already.
Because mma fans are dumb. If a normal fighter loses, he is a can...and if an exchamp loses, he should retire.

Shogun looked fine against Gus. Gus is just better than him.
He is only going to tarnish his legacy. He should retire already.

Well you can't take away people's accomplishments, but people will be stupid enough and fucked up enough to try to discredit him, for sure. It's not right but people will try to do it, we've seen it all before. Luckily his fans will always make sure he gets the respect he deserves.
because SHERDOGGER's are IDIOT's!!!

Fact is Shogun was considered the best LHW on the planet after running thru the 05 Grand Prix. He lost to Coleman falling wrong so not many counted that lost against him, even though he lost.

Making his UFC debut he was EXPECTED to destroy Griffin but he lost and his stock went down. It stayed the same after he barely defeated Coleman. However after he knocked out Liddell in the 1st round his stock went soaring because it was the "same" Shogun we saw in PRIDE. He then fought Machida AND EVERYONE knows he won the fight but was screwed over by the judges so there was a rematch.

He knocked him out and won the title.
He then was on the sidelines dealing with his 3rd knee surgery.

Coming off of it he suffered the worst lost of his career to Jones.

He bounced back against Griffin whom many believed showed up for a paycheck because his wife was pregnant yada yada yada.

Fought Hendo with a F'd up shoulder and put on one of the best fights in MMA.

Performed sub par against Vera yet still knocked him out being the only fighter to KO Vera standing.

Lost a decision to an great up and comer in Gustafsson and here we are.

Since Shogun isn't the "same" fighter as he was in PRIDE or when he won the LHW Championship, idiots on here believe he should retire.

Fact is, Shogun is STILL a great fighter and still has enough in the tank to compete with the best 205'ers on the planet. He just isn't THE best anymore and some can't cope with that.

Plain & simple.
I think he still has a few good fights left in him. But i doubt he will make another run at the title at this point.

Will watch all his remaining fights, as he is still an exciting fighter.
A fighter s prime is 30-34? Based on what exactly? Every fighter peaks at a different point. Shogun peaked early and his knee injuries added to that exponentially. I think he has a few fights left before retirement but he certainly is not in his prime
Cause I was never a fan and don't enjoy his fights
I gave up on Shogun after he looked so bad in beating Coleman. Who knew he would go on to KO Chuck and Machida and win the LHW title?

That said, it would be a stretch for him to make yet another comeback after the beatings he's taken from Jones, Hendo and Gustaffson.
I wouldn't say retirment, but all I think he needs is a little Rn'R, to just take a year off and spend it with the family and let all his injuries recover (of course he'd diet to stay on weight)

however, from what I hear, a fighter's prime age is usually around 28, but I think it really is just specific to the fighter