***UPDATED*** Alvarez offered 70k/70k + PPV bonus


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Jan 2, 2009
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Mike Chiappetta MMA ‏@MikeChiappetta
"So, according to Rebney, Alvarez was offered a $250K signing bonus, $70,000/$70,000 for first fight, plus PPV points from Zuffa."

A UFC contract outlines the company's intent to book Alvarez for an immediate title shot in March and offer a cut of the promotion's pay-per-view profits, according to an exhibit in a lawsuit Bellator MMA filed against the fighter, a copy of which MMAjunkie.com (www.mmajunkie.com) today obtained.

An eight-fight deal would start Alvarez at $70,000 to show and $70,000 to win and raises in $5,000 increments with each win until it tops out at a guaranteed $210,000 for a win, the exhibit states. Alvarez would also be guaranteed a $250,000 signing bonus, payable in two installments of $85,000 and one of $80,000.

When Alvarez fights on a UFC PPV broadcast, the offer states it entitles him to $1 for each "buy" between 200,000 and 400,000 buys, $2 per buy between 400,000 and 600,000 buys, and $2.50 per buy over 600,000 buys.

I hope I get to see him on the UFC 158 card then as I'll be there!
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Pretty solid deal. Even if he doesn't headline he gets a PPV bonus? Get on a GSP card and the guy is rolling in it.
how exactly does Bellator match PPV %


In b4 woman haters realize that Ronda is getting paid more than what Eddie was offered. :D
Wow, I'm a little taken aback by the fact that Alvarez would really get a PPV cut in his contract, considering that as of last year, only 29 fighters have that in their contract. This essentially puts Eddie amongst the top 30 fighters in the org, which I think many of us would disagree with, especially when you consider the fact that the guy isn't even the champ of his org anymore...

Anyways, I'm happy for Eddie to get such a sweet contract, but just a little shocked.
All of my friends know who Ronda Rousey is and none of them have ever heard of this guy. Not hating, just stating a fact.

Dont PPV points only count for headliners? I imagine Eddie gonna have to win at least 1 or 2 before a title fight and thats no guarantee is a stacked LW division.
sounds like a good deal for him. just because he wasn't in the ufc all this time doesn't mean that he shouldn't be considered one of the top fighters
how exactly does Bellator match PPV %

They could up his base pay based upon average UFC PPV numbers. Eddie himself isn't going to draw huge numbers, so using an average would work pretty well. There's also the issue with sponsorships, and UFC sponsors are probably paying quite a bit more than Bellator's.
Dont PPV points only count for headliners?

from what i've been able to piece together from the little we've seen of actual contracts it's usually mains and co-mains only.
First its 70/70 but each fight it goes up, second he got a quarter mill to sign and he gets PPV money.

So that first fight taking into account the bonus if he wins it you are looking at anywhere from 500k to probably a million bucks if he is on a PPV and gets PPV money.
Ronda is getting paid more than one of the best and most exciting LWs on the planet. What a bunch of shit, bros.
how exactly does Bellator match PPV %

This is the most shady part of the whole thing and makes me slap bjorn right in his mouth.

He says (and I just can't get over this) that they matched the UFC's ppv portion of the contract because "bellator is considering moving into ppv soon with the right fight"

oh.... really? REALLY?!

You think dipping your toes into PPV for the FIRST TIME EVER is the same as Eddie working with AN ESTABLISHED PPV POWERHOUSE!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

What. The. Fuck.

How can you seriously call that a match with a straight face? I mean... WOW

Even if you tried to get into ppv full time and were SUCCESSFUL.. it would take YEARS before your numbers started matching UFC numbers (if it EVER happened)

Anyone who's not completely delusional knows damn well their first few ppv's arn't going to match an established powerhouse.

Nobody that's fucking stupid.

So to claim that they matched the ppv portion because "they're going to get into ppv's soon" is sooo fucking ludicrous. It's just absolutely one of the craziest things i've ever read.

That would be like a bycicle company claiming they could match Harley Davidson because "we're going to start building motorcycles soon...."

ballator needs to fuck off.

eddie belongs in the ufc.