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Shoyoroll: Forever Rolls


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Nov 9, 2010
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Found this on eBay just now...

If you wash an unbleached gi and you add a cup of bleach to the laundry, will it come out white?
Yes, but you will weaken the stitching and the gi will eventually fall apart much sooner than it was intended to last. You will also fade the contrasting colors away.
Wow, I just saw the Instagram pic and it looks much better in reality. It is not as unbleached as I thought it would be and actually looks pretty cool! It is like a "desert storm" styled gi. Very cool!

The camo looks dumb.

this would be cooler:


the one on the shoyoroll looks like poop.
Choco chip camo is lame. What is the reference with the camo to Rolls? Same era as rolls?
Agreed, atacs would have been amazing.

A-TACS is neat, but in reference to this gi, I think it should've been left clean w/o any camo unless Rolls was somehow tied-in with the army.
Whats that suppose to mean? Just curious seeing that if one has a membership for 2013 and there still selling Gi's to 2012 memberships in the year 2013?