Next Time Hojac...


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Dec 19, 2001
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Runs his mouth about Vod or any other staff member lets let him have it with both barrels.Hojac needs to know what his role is at Sherdogs.He doesn't have one.
i don't understand how he gives VOD shit about being fat when he is going bald. i heard he got a rug. can anyone confirm this?
im going bald and im fat... i win
Yeah, people need to learn how to know their roles, brother.
I got VODs back against this wiggity whack suckah named Hojack!
And all this time I thought had the world record for largest natural widow's peak.
I thought Hojak was so upset over princess cheating on him he killed himself by choking on tanner the man-cunts small penis!
Sorry Bruce. The wig rumors where just that....Rumors

Hair transplanting is the route he is taking.
maybe he should try that spray on fake hair shit.
I used to love those infomercials. That guy with the big lips was such a romo! I don't see how people couldn;t tell you have spray paint in your hair. Wierd?
Isn't that the same guy who made a food dehydrator?? Ron something??
yeah, Ron Popeil. he also invented the pocket fisherman

hahahahaha, he also invented a roaster. He was a dumbass but hey, if the hair in a can works for Hojak so be it
Jeez guys. It's alright. I'm more than competant enough to handle someone the likes of Hojack. I mean we're talkin' about a guy that lives on the internet. He's a guy that had a girlfriend for a year but never actually met her. Cyber-sex was the poison of choice as he later found out she not only lived in a trailor but was the size of one with three kids. It's alright though, his recycled rolodex of fat jokes don't really bother me when that's the only thing that he has. It's great to call a guy that you've never even seen before fat. I could actually be fit...I'm not, but I could be!
It's funny how things can change over time...

... so many people fail to realise how the people who helped to build this place from the ground up were treated. But nobody cares about that.

I'm not saying that gives them the right to fling mud at other people. And yes, in some cases, they did step on a lot of toes on the way. So some people's reactions were hardly suprising.

The simple fact is the people that vacated this site were treated pretty badly. And anyone who disagrees probably doesn't know the full story.

- The Jake
I am all ears for the whole story. either here or Global