Law Justice Sotomayer admits she's a partisian hack

I wonder if she still thinks written exams are racist.
Yeah, such dramatic cringe:

I wonder why the republicans dropped the lawyer they had decided to use in the questioning of Christine right as she got to the time period where the incident might have happened and then began asking the questions themselves.
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What is it with Liberals and the dramatic cringe?

"Every loss traumatizes me in my stomach and heart"

Oh', shut the fuck up already.
The person who made this thread is a conservative complaining about reality. What an unaware thing to say. And I’m sure you’ll have some bullshit to say after but it won’t change the fact of how dumb this statement is.
What is it with Liberals and the dramatic cringe?

"Every loss traumatizes me in my stomach and heart"

Oh', shut the fuck up already.
That quote just makes me think she perhaps didn’t know realize how difficult the job would be, and honestly who would? Like you know it’s going to be hard but you still don’t realize how tolling it will be till you’re doing it.

I do feel like the conservative judges tend to put their views aside more in decisions though. I don’t think I’ve heard of a liberal judge ever siding with a conservative majority like they all always block vote no matter what. I mean to be fair well only ever really hear about the big cases.
She should start accepting expensive gifts from rich friends to calm herself. I'm sure one of her conservative coworkers could give her tips.

Why bother? She already had/has million dollar contracts with publishing companies she has ruled for, after refusing to recuse herself, and is now a multi millionaire
Hasn’t it been a tactic for dems and republicans to nominate and elect partisan hacks? Which is weird, because there shouldn’t be a bias in courts. But there clearly is.
I'm sure she is very tired of being wrong, who wouldn't be.
Meh. Every justice brings their philosophy to the court. It's literally the reason people on the right were so elated about getting conservative justices on the bench. It's why they loved Scalia. Their judicial philosophy driven by how they perceive the world is why we have judicial hearings as well.

Sounds like another one of those threads where people repeat what they're told without actually thinking it through.

Wake me up when she says that she doesn't follow the law, not when she says that her judicial philosophy keeps losing.
I’m with you. I am less concerned that she’s an ideologue(which she is) since you could say that about Thomas CLEARLY and more concerned that shes ruling on subjects shes ignorant on based on her ideology. It makes her no better than a common pleb.
Every Justice is partisan. News at 6.
Agreed but some of them will side with the other side if there is clearly a constitutional basis to do so. Others will vote more biased. Its a mixed bag as with most of these. I am curious how the increasing polarization of american politics plays into the minds of current and future justices.

Some of you may remember Sotomayer's hilarious retarded comments during the OSHA vaccine mandate hearings. Having zero idea about COVID, especially her claim that there were hundreds of thousands of kids in critical care in hospitals due to the COVID.

'I live in frustration': Justice Sotomayor on working with a conservative Supreme Court​

At a recent presentation at UC Berkeley (Of Course), she flat out admits that she's a Leftist hack.

''I live in frustration," Sotomayor, 69, told students at the University of California, Berkley School of Law, according to media reports. “Every loss truly traumatizes me in my stomach and in my heart."

Excuse me? Loss? Traumatized? Holy fuck, you're a Supreme Court Justice. She's admitting she votes based on her ideology, ignoring the Constitution and the Laws on the books?

Sotomayor told her audience at Berkeley that she is committed to giving voice to the court's liberal perspective. “I have to get up in the morning and keep fighting," she said.
Lovely... Yes, keep fighting. Note that the Conservative Judges don't alway agree on cases. As recent decisions prove. But this fucking hack is set for the party line.

Sotomayor said she’s working harder than ever as cases have become bigger, more demanding and attract more briefs from outside interests. The court is also getting more emergency requests.

That includes a pending request to temporarily stop the U.S. Military Academy at West Point from considering race in its admission process.

Sotomayor, who has attributed her admission to Princeton in part to affirmative action, wrote a scathing dissent when the court’s conservative majority last year struck down affirmative action admissions policies used by Harvard College and the University of North Carolina to diversify their campuses.

Sotomayor said that decision rolled back "decades of precedent and momentous progress."

There's zero thought in Sotomayer's brain that the concept of Affirmative Action violates rights set in the Constitution. Nevermind that these Universities have been discriminating against another minority group in Asians.

We all know that biases will influence some decisions, especially controversial and gray area situations. But it's absolutely amazing to see a Supreme Court Justice flat out say it out loud she's a Social Justice Advocate legislating from the bench when talking to University Students. And the fact she lets emotions rule her decision.


Why single out Sotomayor? It's abundantly clear that modern appointments are based solely on partisan grounds? If Biden could get away with appointing rachel maddow he would...same for Trump he would apppoint Bannon cause he's a cock sucker