Jonathan Brookins pushed too fast


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Sep 15, 2012
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Does anybody here think that Johnathan Brookins might've got pushed too fast when it came to his UFC competition? After him winning the Ultimate Fighter I myself thought he was gonna be the next big thing because he looked like such an unstoppable wrecking machine on the Ultimate Fighter with that world class wrestling. It seems like they should've given him some better match-ups so that he could be built up gradually rather than just throwing him to the wolves. He did put up a really good fight with Dustin Poierier this Saturday before the submission though.
I've always seen him as a middle of the division guy. He does have the potential to become better though.
He looked pretty good, but he reeeeeeallly needs to tuck his chin when standing.
Needs to get rid of the dreads. Makes pulling your head out of the choke really difficult. Plus they are absolutely disgusting.
The potential is obviously there but he needs to work on his striking defense badly, his striking look really improved in his last fight but he can't keep taking unnecessary shots and he puts himself in really bad positions.
He needs a re-climb. He still has potential. One of these guys had to lose, let us not poo poo over it.
He did look really improved in that fight. Just needs to keep that chin tucked but man can he take a punch. I feel like he's not utilizing his wrestling enough. Or at least not effectively anymore.
He has a good chin but seems to not use his lankiness. He also needs to work on the ground well because many wrestling jui jitsu guys are rising up the ranks.
His striking defense is still terrible, but he does have a great chin. He needs to tighten up that defense though. His offensive striking did look improved. Poirier was just too much for him. I'm surprised he was actually able to daze Poirier and have him in a bit of trouble, as brief as that may have been.
He looked pretty good, but he reeeeeeallly needs to tuck his chin when standing.

i've rarely done 180's on fighters, but brookins really, really impressed me in that fight. He went from having no power and poor standup to some real power and good hands.

he looked like a completely different fighter.

it was just the wrong opponent for him to try out his new skills on. Give him a few more low tier to middle guys and he could seriously do well, if he tucks that chin my god that's a terrible thing to see
His striking defense NEEDS FUCKING HELP QUICKLY...dude is terrible during exchanges..his chin is always high up in the air.

His chin will end his fighting days soon enough.