How much should I be lifting?


Dec 25, 2012
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If I can bench 3x10 160lbs, how much should I be lifting in these exercises I have less experience with:

1. cable rowing with both hands?
2. deadlifting?
3. Squatting?

I am not disproportionate in musculature and form is more important than heaviness, I'd rather do a full extension of a lower weight than a half assed one of a higher weight. I weigh 170 btw.
More weight than you are now.
Deadlift: 869
Squat: 752
Bench: 536

If you deviate from these numbers or don't reach these goals I will find you and kill you.
4 weights. Always choose ones which are your favourite colour, its good luck
There is no way to tell you what you "should" lift. We are all pushing ourselves to lift more and shape our bodies into whatever vision we have for ourselves.
I would say go ahead and max out to see what you lift now and set some realistic goals for the future. I used to to hang a poster board in my room and keep track of my days. It really makes a difference when you SEE what you are doing.
Be careful with squats and deadlifts. I have hurt my back by using bad form. Don't shy away from them - just pay attention to form and WEAR A QUALITY belt. Also tailor your approach to whatever goal you have.
BTW - Setting a goal is just as important as proper technique. When you CLEARLY have a vision in mind you will have something you are working toward instead of "I'm just lifting". Set a specific goal for yourself. It will pay off in the long run.
Good luck.
More. Except for the seated cable row. You shouldn't do that at all.

Do it standing instead, engage them core stabilisers way more.
There's nothing wrong with seated cable rows.
Well for most people, bench will be the lowest, squat in the middle, and deadlift will be the largest amount of weight.

First read the FAQ, THEN post.
It is truly uncanny how closely the forbidden topics list coincides with the list of topics that noobs always want to start threads about.
I need more info than this, how much can you curl for 1 rep, full rom? Also whats your max calf press?
Do 275-jokes fly in the S & C forum?
I need more info than this, how much can you curl for 1 rep, full rom? Also whats your max calf press?

I'm not big on maxes, I actually barely know any of my true maxes because I'm afraid of injury again and I was taught by a coach that 12 reps at perfect form with lighter weight was better than 5 at half assed form with a weight you can't handle. Curling isn't really part of my routine but I know I can curl 35 really easily. I don't calf press, the closest thing is an exercise I do that combines shoulder strugs with 45s on each arm and calf raises, 3 sets of 20? What I'll do is just slowly increase the weights to one I feel is moderately difficult to do 3 sets with.
Who the fuck cares? What DB's are you curling?