GlassJaw's OLD SCHOOL MADNESS (boxing)


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Oct 4, 2005
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Alright then. I've recently decided to post my training log and SHAARREEE INNNN THE STR-UGGLE....brothers. *nods self-approvingly*

Sooooooo0o0ohhhrgg...eehh...EHHERMM.. *clears throat* Ahem,....I'll document the final month of preparation leading to my fight, April 25th at the Icardo center here in GOOD OL' BAKERSSSSFIELD *spits in the grass then climbs back onto his mule*.

Let me first start off by saying before this year started, it had been a long time since I had the fire to compete *cough6fukinyearscough* Normally as I touch base with my friends I would genuinely be excited to hear about their upcoming training/fights and then brush off the idea of getting back in there myself. But this Jan. when the subject came up and I got offered a spot on a charity fight card, I decided to give it a go. Why I'm realistic about reaching my ideal fighting shape by that time, I've never shied away from hard work to overcome stagnation. It's been a eye opening 3 months to say the least.

So as I've recently been accepted back into the local scene , I've come to garner the name
" Old School Madness" due to my obsession with sledge hammers, medicine balls, jump ropes, and all other forms of anaerobic medieval torture. Funnily enough, my growth in intensity has brought a few of these guys around. My after workout run is starting to get crowded.

So without further adieu , yesterdays (3-27-08) workout. I'm not sure my lingo is very accurate, so if there's any questions regarding clarification let me know.

Warm up. (2 minute breaks in-between warm ups)
Stretch 5 minutes body
work out wrists 5 minutes, <mini-curls, grip handles, rollers> -- This has become essential, I've literally got the most mangled F*D UP hands you've seen on a 25 year old --
Jacks 3 minutes
2 rounds shadow boxing
5 minutes non-intensive rope skipping
drank some coffee.

3 sets pushups
2 sets crunches
2 Cerebral palsy sets of Medi-twistup's /DEATH.
4 sets drawing the gun
5 minutes rope( intense )< high knees, side to side w/ crossover = Fav's>
1 round resistance band work Left arm.
1 round resistance band work right arm.
2 rounds speed bag + keep my damn hands stable.
Just looking at the Sledgehammer makes me sick, so I skip it. (boo - into rest)
-- to finish my conditioning segment, I burpee until Iz can't burpee no mo (about 40 with the tuck here) Once thoroughly devastated, 30 second rest into 50 meter suicides! YAAAA HEARRRRD ME!?
-rest long enough for nausea to subside LOL.-
5 minutes easy rope skipping to get back into gear. (you'll see a pattern w/ me and rope)

2 rounds heavy bag - jab
1 round heavy bag - body work
1 round Heavy bag - combinations
2 rounds focus mitts - movement/pivot work
1 round focus mitts uppercuts till devastated , right into -
1 round "slap your head if you drop your hands" exhausted -noodle armed- focus mitts
1 round focus mitts - hooks till devastated (which doesn't take long )
Full rest. 5 mins.

Road work

3 minutes rope skipping to stay warm
Jogged my usual 1 mile to start off, afterward felt like crap going into the first 600 sprint, was out of it and walking by the second. That damn Vanilla whey flavor is calling me, and I've run out of milk. *shrugs* /day.
I should have blended longer, I've got the muscle milk powder chunks stuck all up in my grill. Anyhow, gotta hit the road.

3-28th-08, Friday-leaving-to-the-coast-quick-home-session.

Warm ups.

5 mins stretching
10 minutes easy rope
5 mins jacks
2 rounds shadow boxing

3 sets push ups,
4 sets crunches,
1 set pull ups
6 rounds rope
20 quick burpees---30 second rest-
25 meter backyard sprints X10

heading to Oceano, should get some insane runs in.
This is gonna' be an awesome log me thinks. I'll be lurking big time.
Jacks 3 minutes

If you do these traditional style then yeah you're pretty old school.

Boxers representin' though. Glad to see you back in it, you're still a young man. And Cassius Greene, who is absolutely NOT a young man, don't take no breaks between rounds when he works out at Top Rank. lol
If you do these traditional style then yeah you're pretty old school.

Boxers representin' though. Glad to see you back in it, you're still a young man. And Cassius Greene, who is absolutely NOT a young man, don't take no breaks between rounds when he works out at Top Rank. lol

Position/stance jacks .....*busts Ali shuffle* LOL. :p

Ok, so Montana De Oro is a great place for kill yourself hikes and gorgeous seclusion. I would greatly recommend the run from Los Osos city area to the park. (the local cuties make the view and run that much better) bout 2 miles from the park. Morro Bay St. Park (another great uphill run section) is just around the corner as well.
Today the weather turned sour early, so I cut the day short and hit it when i got back into town.

Warm up - stiff as fuck from driving.
4 minutes aggressive stretching
5 sets crunches
2 sets of pushups
1 set of pull ups
5 minutes of intense rope
Drank some coffee
2 rounds shadow boxing
3 rounds jacks

5 sets crunches into --->1/1.5 sets medi ball twistups /death
4 sets of medi-ball push-ups cycled
2 sets drawing the gun

3 rounds intense rope
ahem....*cough*couple curls for the girls in there*cough* :p
2 sets side lateral DBP
2 sets front lateral DBP
2 sets overhead DBP
good rest
3 sets gradual benchpress till dead

Tomorrow I'm back at the gym.
For the record, I'm still a Paul Williams fan. Jerk.
Feeling like the world is on my shoulders....or at least a pretty big bitch :icon_twis.... ok maybe a couple sandbags.... yeah, sandbags sound about right .

Warm ups
10 minutes stretching (sore as hell)
2 rounds jacks
2 rounds shadow boxing
3 minutes intense rope to finish it off. (as todays all about biz-nass,).
drank some cranberry energy blend thingie, (would drink again LOL. )

1 set pull ups
3 sets push ups into ---->1 cycle set medi-ball pushups.
2 good rounds speedbag
1 round heavy bag jab
1 round heavy bag right cross/right hook
1 round heavy bag body work
2 shitty rounds heavybag combinations
full rest
2 rounds focus mitts movement/shouldering practice.
1 round focus mitts uppercuts till death into --->
1 round exhausted focus mitts + "slap my head for dropping my hands "
and finished off with focus mitt flurries into --->death.

Felt fucking great in the gym today. :icon_chee
Time to gargle some flax oil, and chew on some seeds!

My workout haiku for the day.

Max Greens taste obscene
when combined with whey protein
keeps your colon clean.
McCallum still likes Williams. I'm gonna tell him you're talkin' smack.
hit the weights today, sparring tomorrow.

Warm ups
stretch 5 mins
4 sets crunches
3 set push ups
1 set pull ups

Conditioning (gunna hit the april challenge pretty soon me thinks)
30 burpees
2 sets drawing the gun
2 sets DB snatch
3 sets deadlift
1 cycle on ab machine
2 sets curls
1 set overhead DBP
1 set lateral DBP
3 sets gradual bench press.
8 days off or something?
Oh snaps forgot to update for a week or so, still at it, just busy. (that's my official excuse anyhoo :D)

Refining, refining , refining...
Warm ups-
5 mins aggressive stretching
1 round ring jacks
2 rounds shadow boxing
2 shitty rounds speedbag , was preoccupied watching the girls try to spar.

2 rounds heavybag combinations
1 round heavybag jab
1 round heavybag bodywork

1 round focus mitts ring movement/double jab
1 round focus mitts 3-4's.
rope skip about 5 minutes until ring is available for sparring.

sparred 4 rounds,
I'll add the KK and Diego style breakdown.

Things i did well. My jab is getting much more consistent in doubling up and staying crisp as the rounds progress. Must not noodle jab! I'm feeling more and more confident in my footing and working the triangle thoery.

Things i didn't. Overestimated my energy levels in the first, and had to slow for the first hald of the 2nd. Got to work on keeping my lead left hook crisp.I really need to throw it more during sparring, as it's probably the most awkward punch in my arsenal right now.
Ha! Now I get to hassle someone else for once.



Hahah too true. I'll see what i can come up with.

distracted workout today, now im feeling like a wuss because of it LOL.

Warm ups.
5 mins stretch
1 round ring jacks
2 rounds shadow boxing

2 sets deadlift
2 sets drawing the gun
1 set DB snatch
1 round heavy bag body
1 round combinations
1 round weak ass speed bag
10 minutes rope to finish off/cool down a bit.