Eggs Of Satan banned?

teh bant hammer came a knocking
He already had Dubs. it was only a matter of time.
Chase said he came from Marunde's site. I think he's just an asshole and happened upon a place where other assholes hang out. That or he's a reincarnated banned member.
Sometimes I park in handicapped spaces while handicapped people make handicapped faces.
I used to lift at a university gym. One of the tard spots was only reserved for tards mon-fri. There was a small sign below the handicap sign that gave the hours for the restriction. I would always park in it on saturdays. An old dude in a volvo got pissy with me one saturday about parking in a handicap spot. I told him to learn how to fucking read and not to bother me. Good times.
I used to practice mid-kicks on pregnant women before I got the wife pregnant. It kind of changed my world view.