De La Hoya has advice for Rory Macdonald


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Mar 11, 2010
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Pretty cool to see Oscar offer advice to Macdonald. I think if he would of jabbed to the body and then followed up to the face, he probably would of done a lot more damage to Penn and dont say you cant use jabs to the body in MMA, Benson was jabbing the crap out of Diaz's leg.
Glad to see these boxing legends like De La Hoya and Bernard Hopkins enjoying MMA and giving it respect.

De La Hoya should maybe follow B-Hop's and give boxing advice to some MMA guys, similar to how Hopkins instructed Rashad on left hook use.
Gotta agree with him, Had he went after Penn in the second, especially to the body, he would have finished it
I was thinking why Rory didn't just throw more jabs (stiff ones), period.

PS: And I always wanted to make the comment that Oscar is better at articulating with his hands than with his speech.
I agree, bodyshots were working very well against Penn and in the second he could have been more agressive when he had him against the fence. BJ was just a human punching bag at that point..
Lol he doesn't even know who BJ Penn is.

"If I was in there with that opponent he was fighting"
I echo other posters in this thread who appreciate it when boxers show respect for MMA. Same with MMA fighters respecting boxing. They're sports. Different ones at that.

I agree with more body shots. Penn was guarding his face, leaving his torso exposed often. If you remember, the shot that hurt Penn the most was the body shot to the lower body, it almost finished him.

Then again it's easy to be an armchair coach. Rory was probably respecting BJ Penn's potential. He did say that in the post fight interview, "I didn't want to rush in against someone like BJ Penn and get caught."
Lol he doesn't even know who BJ Penn is.

"If I was in there with that opponent he was fighting"

Kinda sad isnt it.

BJ Penn for his era, is right behind 1. Chuck 2. Tito 3. Randy 4. Hughes 5. BJ for fame. And Oscar wouldnt know BJ if he bumped into him.
Lol he doesn't even know who BJ Penn is.

"If I was in there with that opponent he was fighting"

I almost wonder if, instead of that, he was trying to avoid specifically saying "I would have fucked BJ Penn's life," and instead get a more general idea across like "If I were in that specific situation where a guy was hurt like that..."

An exhausted and hurt BJ Penn is no Jose Aldo lol. JDS throws the jab to the body all the time. It's a staple of his offense. His technique and timing are far better than Rolando Perez' though.
Easy for Oscar to say he had a great jab period. Lol at the vid above, always hard to compare boxing to MMA standup.
That's less of an argument against jabs to the body, and more so for "Don't lean your head forward and down"

Pretty hard to jab the body without leaning forward..
I just had to look up who De La Hoya was.

really? ive never watched 1 boxing match in my life outside of movies and i can tell you who lewis, tyson, ali, hollyfield, frasier, de la hoya, roy jones junior, mayweather, pac and a shit ton of other guys are

on the flip side, most of my uncles and cousins are sports fans and none of them watch mma and the only people they can name are chuck and lesnar and gsp(im canadian)
Yea, Rory should have pushed more forward in the second round

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