**Daniel Cormier Has A Man Crush On Dan Henderson** w/ Comier vs Jones poll

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Oct 19, 2010
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Daniel Cormier (11-0) continued to roll through competition, keeping his undefeated streak in tack with a win over Dion Staring (28-8) at the final Strikeforce show. He now looks towards the UFC roster and wants Frank Mir (16-6) first, followed by a shot at light heavyweight champion Jon Jones (17-1). One fighter he doesn't have interest in is former title contender Dan Henderson (29-8).



"The reason I said I'd fight [Jones] in the fall is I'd need some time to get that weight down," said Cormier at the Strikeforce post-fight press conference. "I'm comfortable at 230 right now, but that's still 25 more pounds. I'd need some time to make weight and I don't want to fight [next] at 205 because I don't want to fight Dan Henderson. I've kind of got a man crush on Dan Henderson."


Obviously the question has been asked before but I wonder if anyone's opinion has changed since Cormier's last fight...

Who do you think wins a Fight between Cormier and Jones?
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I think Jone Jones outstrikes Cormier pretty handily.
Jones would keep him at range and pick him apart. I think so, at least.
Hendo > both.

At this point, I'd have to go with Jones.
I think Cormier can beat Jones, but I think Jones' reach will be the winning factor for this - hopefully I'm wrong!
that's an interesting fight, cormier is the one guy that could put him on his back, @ 205 that is..
Jone Jones.

Cormier would have a better shot if the fight was at HW imo
I guess the "e" is silent in Jone? Seriously though, Cormier may be a more decorated amateur wrestler, but Jones has shown GSP-level MMA wrestling - meaning he is able to fluidly incorporate striking and sub attempts into his wrestling, as well as being able to defend takedowns from wrestlers who are more decorated than he is.

As far as striking, Cormier showed that he has serious power in his hands, but his striking is still developing, and, as such, is fairly predictable. Jon"e" Jones has unpredictable strikes, and is very elusive (inb4 gifs of him running away from Rampage and Machida), so if Cormier is unable to take him down, I envision DC chasing Jon around the cage and eating spinning elbows and kicks for his trouble. Jones may not knock anyone out with one punch, but then again, neither will Anderson. It is the precision and unpredictability of the strikes that is his key to victory.
Jon Jones beats Cormier via not letting him get anywhere near him all the while kicking him to a slow demise ala Jones vs. rampage
Jones by eye poke.
A bit off-topic, but Cormier, judging from his interviews, seems to me the most down-to-earth person in the entire UFC roster.
That, and his tragedy is the worst anyone could ever experience in their lifetime. I admire him getting the will to live and compete at this level after that.
That's unfortunate.

Cormier vs Hendo could have been fun.
I think I'd pick D.C. over JBJ but I wouldn't bet money on it. Cormier's wrestling is top solid but I don't know how he'd fair with Jones long reach in the stand up. And for the record, nothing wrong with having a man crush on Hendo.
... Jones may not knock anyone out with one punch, but then again, neither will Anderson.

...er... pretty sure Anderson will knock anyone out with one punch. Ask Forrest Griffin or Yushin Okami.

Granted, they weren't completely KO'd, but if you're on your ass looking up at the lights wondering where the fuck you are, that is functionally KO'd.
I dunno if Cormier can deal with the length of Jones. I think Jones outstrikes him and the fight doesn't even get to the mat.
Already voted but I have something to add.I just realized Cormier reach is 71 inches.. wow! I'm sorry I just don't see how he beats Jones. He's going to be JJ shortest opponent ever with the shortest reach.
Don't think Jones can steamroll through Cormier like majority of Sherdoggers. Cormier has a good chance, he wins via KO.