Condit vs Hendricks, who takes it?


Hendrix shouldn't even be in this title talk. He lost to Pierce and to Kos.
If Hendricks wrestles I think he takes it but standing I would give Condit the edge.
I've counted Hendricks out in nearly all his fights and he proved me wrong,think Carlos has too much of a rounded game for him though,Carlos by decision.
Hendricks. Could just use his wrestling if he had to.
Hendricks should take this one. If it stays on the feet, he will catch Condit and put him away. If it goes to the ground, Hendricks will beat him up there if he is on top. Pretty sure he can take Condit down if he decides to. Now if he ends up on his back, things could get interesting. I would love to see him deposit Condits head into the 5th row via left hand.
Condit, I would bet it semi heavy if it was an even line.
ya im gonna have to disagree

At least you did it respectfully.
I'd say Condit, love him or hate him, for the most part he finds a way to win.
Condit. Hes not gunna leave his chin 5 feet in front of him like Fitch and Kampmann

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