Best Running Shoes?

i would say search but i sell shoes in a sporting goods store so i will help you out a little bit:

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just try a couple pairs on try out what works for you.
be sure to try them INDOORS first so they do not get dirty if you do not like them.
also it might be a good idea to get some gel insoles to help relieve the stress on your back and knees.
Asics and New Balance are also good brands to get into but the best running shoe is the one that fits your properly, most of the major brands have comparable quality but make sure you buy the show that's right for your feet regardless of brand
I started using Asics when i ran cross country and never had a reason to try any other brand. I did notice that after a year when i needed to replace them that they almost always discontinued the specific shoe i had.
lol! nike shox and airs are NOT proper running shoes.

Vibram five fingers?
there is no such thing as THE BEST shoe, its what is best for ure foot
Nike Shox are horrid. Do NOT go with them.

I have a pair of Nike Frees I absolutely love. I run and play ball in them, and when I'm strength training I lift in them. They feel like you're not wearing anything.

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i love the frees!
unfortunately down in southern cali (where i live) there is not 1 store that has them.
the only way to get them is online and i hate buying clothes online!
every running shoe store has told me that once you put on a pair of Brooks you can never go back . . . and i've found that to be mostly true.
Go to a store that specifically deals in running shoes - a good place shoudl have you try on several pairs from different brands and watch you run in them.

I did this and walked out with Mizunos. I didnt even know they made running shoes and turned out to be better than my old (much more expensive) Nikes
I like Brooks and Asics. You can go to several sites and find out what type stride/ step you have as far as over or under pronate (SP?) and get one that will fit you better than just guessing. We have a store where you can run on a tread mill and they will tape you and find the best shoe for you.

Anyway, Both brooks and Asics are tops in my experience, and are true running shoes vrs fashion shoes that look like running shoes etc...
The classic choice is Asics DS Trainer. Great running shoe.
I prefer Brooks Adrenalines. But that's because I have slight pronation and like a cushie stride.
I just posted to another thread and highly recommend to go see a store that specializes in running shoes. Foot locker, etc, aren't that well informed.
I am a runner and can testify to a good pair of shoes and that means a good pair of shoes for YOU.
Go get your stride checked by a pro. They'll do it for free.