Belcher: Okami will be scared


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Feb 6, 2012
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Alan Belcher (18-6) is brimming with confidence going into his fight with Yushin Okami (27-7) at UFC 155 on Friday. These two met in their UFC debuts at UFC 62 in 2006, with "Thunder" taking a unanimous decision. Okami (11-4 UFC) has gone 1-1 since his loss to Anderson Silva, while "The Talent" (9-4 UFC) is on a four-fight win streak and all fired up. Read more...

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lol @ scared. Okami 30-27, Belcher won't have an answer for Okami's game. I think this will be very similar to the first fight.
With other guys it gets annoying easily, but I kind of enjoy Belcher's publicity stunts. Makes me laugh.
Lol Belcher is my boy, but i don't think Okami will be "crapping his pants".

I do like how hungry Belcher is for this win though. Hope he takes it.
Alan better remember it wasn't long ago Okami was nearly taking a round from the champ. He also trains with Chael.
Alan better remember it wasn't long ago Okami was nearly taking a round from the champ.

Don't see Okami being scared...

However, I think Belcher beats Okami.
Got money on Okami, but Belcher is the kind of fighter in the cage and outside with the fans that one really cannot root against. If he can pull this off, then it would truly show how much he has evolved.
Well then. Let's see it.

Looking forward to this fight. I feel as if though Alan gets overlooked a bit.
Think Okami gets the ud. Should be great fight though 1 of the ones im looking most forward to
I can't wait for this fight. Belcher fights are always awesome and Okami needs a win bad to get back into contention. I'm not sure how I see this one playing out. On the feet I like Belcher because he is more diverse and aggressive, and I think he has more chance to land a fight changing strike. Belcher definately has improved his ground game and can be pretty slick, but Okami has good sub defense and if he gets takedowns and top control, he has the ability to conrol Belcher imo. Should be good. I will say Belcher by tko round 2.
if Okami is timid of being hurt he'll just clinch Belcher for 15 minutes.

I like Okami in the fight, Belcher is a game and extremely dynamic he could nab a KO or sub, but I like Okami to repeat what he did before in a mildly more competitive bout.
Okami looked pretty uncomfortable getting hit by Buddy Roberts
The only time i saw Okami with fear in his eyes is when the Spider knocked him down in their 2nd fight.

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Don't be scared homie

Alan by TKO
after Okami was almost shot and killed by Chael's mom... the man does not know the meaning of the word "scared."
If there is a more underrated fighter in the UFC than Alan Belcher, I don't know who it is.