Band of Brothers or The Wire?


Feb 17, 2006
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Which series should I pick up first? I've yet to see a single Wire episode (fml I know) and I've seen the 2nd half of BoB a long time ago and I really liked it. I will eventually own both but It takes me awhile to finish watching a complete series.
Both excellent but I'd go with The Wire.
as stated above, since BoB is a miniseries

band of brothers and THEN the wire
Somebody in mayberry suggesting anything can compete with the wire

I'm one of the biggest Wire fans on here but almost nothing on film or tv can compare to the 10 hours that is Band of Brothers.
I'm one of the biggest Wire fans on here but almost nothing on film or tv can compare to the 10 hours that is Band of Brothers.

I wouldn't necessarily disagree with this, but at the same time, I can't stand David Schwimmer.

On the other hand, even season 5 of The Wire which in my opinion is the weakest in the series, is probably still better than just about anything else I've ever seen on TV. Ever.
The Wire is the greatest show ever, The Sopranos a close second.
Go with the Mini Series first as it will end quicker. I have not seen the wire but with hearing about it enough I can probably say you can't go wrong with either. As a big big fan of Band Of Brothers I say start there. :)

You may feel a bit tempted to watch a few other WWII movies after it but then you can hit The Wire.
My brother forced me to watch the first episode of The Wire. Promised me I'd be hooked.

I wasn't.

Flame on.
The Wire was a great show..... but Band of Brothers was incredible. One of the best things I've ever seen.
Band of Brothers to begin with, then The Wire, as it is objectively the greatest tv show of all time.

But like someone mentioned, you probably won't get hooked on the wire after just one episode. It takes at least five for the viewer to get familiar with the characters and pace.
Reading this gives me an idea. How about Generation Kill vs Band of Brothers?
I've heard so much of the wire but I can't fathom it being that good.
And calling The Wire overrated is like calling The Beatles overrated.

While both may have their flaws, subjective disadvantages and overzealous fans, they are evidently and demonstratably the top performers in their particular realm.
I've never seen the wire and love BoB. My wife got me the BoB and Pacific boxed set for Christmas. I'm just waiting to get started on it, especially Pacific since I haven't seen it yet and have heard mixed reviews on it from people on here. I think that is probably a result of the awesomeness of BoB and Pacific having high standards to live up to.
I guess I'm gonna pick up The Wire. Hope it's as good as Breaking Bad, which I'm sure everyone one here will say it is.

As for TS, finish BoB. Great mini series.