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Anyone else feel sorry for Cain?


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Oct 30, 2011
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I am a Cain fan and don't find JDS as marketable or appealing as a fighter but I just don't think Cain is gonna make it past the first round. Weird feeling I guess. Anyone else feel Cain is gonna get KO again?
Don't feel sorry for someone that's about to get paid huge money.
Not now, but I felt bad for the guy when he got KTFO in 64 seconds after months of the UFC building him up as an unstoppable juggernaut and ambassador to Mexico.
Why would you feel sorry for him? He's a great fighter regardless if he wins or loses against JDS.
200 vcash on JDS, let's do this!!!
If he gets KTFO again I will.
JDS 2 Round TKO.
Cigano !!
Nope. Professional fighter getting to fight for the belt. Happy for him.
Unfortunately, Cain's getting knocked out brutally again.

I'm sorry TS.
i think JDS is more marketable than Cain

Cain comes across as a bit socially awkward.... almost introverted kind of guy.

JDS has a REALLY chill personality. It's won him over a shitload of fans.

Even my 11 year old worships the guy lol
I feel sorry for Cains fist it's going to be sore and hurting after he smashes JDS head through the mat =/
Perhaps Junior doesnt speak enough about his mexican heritage and his father working hard on a farm? Maybe thats it?
No, I don't know how I could feel sorry for somebody that to date is more successful.
Junior isnt as appealing as a fighter?

i mean i guess if u dont like seeing ppl get KO'd
Hard to feel sorry for someone making as much money as he is after just 12 pro fights.