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Wtf 14 yr old kid has a 445 bechpress

11 minute thread bump?

Are you sure those weights are actually 435? The bar wasn't bending.

If it's real, very impressive. The kid must be some kind of genetic freak.
If that is a legit 435 bench, it is beyond amazing.
Says hes 5'10" 225

im pretty skeptical too. Wasnt it Houston Alexander who said he could bench 450 at a bodyweight of 205?
Says hes 5'10" 225

im pretty skeptical too. Wasnt it Houston Alexander who said he could bench 450 at a bodyweight of 205?

I fail to see what Houston Alexander's bench has to do with this video.

I'm still kinda skeptical about this video. Yes, it a "competition"...but it could also be a publicity stunt for the school lifting team, or something of the sort.
If Mark Henry can break the world squat record in high school, a 400lb+ bench is possible.
That lift is legit you guys. It was at the Class 2A state boys weightlifting meet in Daytona Beach.

Age Is Just A Number For Joyer

When I was a sophomore in high school, our school hosted a bench press contest. Four area high schools participated. I took second place in the 148s with a press of 215 at 146lbs. Best was 235, but the guy was only like 5'5".:icon_neut Had I known anything about training and diet I probably would have done better. The only training information available to me (this was 1991-1994 mind you, no internet)was in BB magazines and local lifters, all of which did not know shit. I did run across a BB program written by Leo Costa Jr. called Serious Growth, This is the first time I had ever heard of periodization or how to diet properly or advanced recover techniques such as contrast showers. The program was supposedly modified from Bulgarian Oly lifting programs. I made pretty good progress on the program but the rep ranges were geared more towards hypertrophy than strength. But the whole "diet" thing still held me back. I could train like a beast but I ate like a bird.

Anyways, back to the meet. There was a guy there who was 16 that bench pressed 450. He was about 5'7" and my guess is that he weighed around 230-240. He also had a full beard. I, and everyone else, was dumbfounded. I knew the guy was strong as hell when I saw him load up the bar with 315 and proceed to knock out a super-easy triple. I did not stick around to ask him how the hell he got so strong but later I'd wished I had. The next best bench was from a friend of mine who was a senior. He got 350 at 210lbs BW.

Too bad there was no squat contest. I would have dominated because hardly anyone else squatted.
I love this quote from his 21 year old coach

"He doesn't have an attitude. He's like a little kid. He loves to play around...."

Legit or not he will stunt his growth...duh!
thats crazy i feel sorry for his poor growing body though. cant be good to put that sort pressure on your body at 14 and the fact he looks 18