Who should be Weidman's comeback fight?


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Oct 29, 2012
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Chris says he should be back by early June, who should he fight then? Who would be available? I'm hoping they give him someone pretty high up in the rankings, so he can silence the haters (at least for a while). I wish it would be Bisping, but undoubtedly he gets a title shot if he beats Vitor, thoughts?
it should be anderson, but we all know they don't want any part of weidman. that leaves someone like belfort, if vitor beats the count, or maybe rockhold.
Okami/Lombard winner

I don't give a shit, im just ready to see him steamroll whoever.

But by June, things will look different enough that if it's not a title shot, it's hard to say. Lot of good guys out there, especially with the influx of Strikeforce talent.
Winner of Lombard/Okami. Winner of that gets title shot.
He wouldn't be entering into the ufc in the higher echelons, but Weidman vs. Robbie lawler would be a good fight.
If Lombard wins he should fight for the belt against Silva. If Okami wins, he should fight Weidman for #1 while Ando takes another non-threatening opponent.

Either that or Ando can just wait for him.... because seriously... what's left?
That's the million dollar question. Who knows? Lombard if he wins I guess. Not Okami (i don't want to see an Okami/Silva fight again.)

Depending on what happens with Rockhold they can fight. Maybe Rockhold gets a win and it's his second fight.

I'd love to see Jacare VS Weidman but if Silva and Jacare won't fight then I don't know if you make that fight.
Vitor Belfort, win or lose Vitor's not getting a title shot and Wideman needs another challenge before challenging Anderson.
Anybody but a good wrestler Dana doesn't want to derail the train yet
Anybody but a good wrestler Dana doesn't want to derail the train yet

Haha who would out-wrestle him? I want to know the specific name of the person you think he's being protected from...
Jacare or Luke Rockhold if the timing works out. Otherwise I'm cool with anyone in the top 10 that he hasn't fought, maybe the Okami-Lombard winner. Or a title shot. Whatever. I just want to see great fighters fight each other.