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Who Else Is Really Rooting For Liz Carmouche To Win

You sound like a condescending jerk. Try actually writing a post instead of trying to be seen as the "seasoned edgy cool guy" you think you are.

That aside I'm actually rooting for Honda. Although that being said the look on Dana's face would be equal if not greater then when Chuck got beaten by Page in Pride.... So it's a toss up really in my mind.

this. well said
Just for laughs and to see the priceless look on Dana Whites face when it happens. I would also find it hilarious that while Carmouche is in the cage crying with celebration and Dana comes in, takes the microphone and announces that the womens 135 division has been cancelled from the UFC :D:D:D

Also, how crazy is the pressure that Liz Carmouche has under her when she knows that a win for her could basically kill the division. I mean is Liz Carmouche really gonna headline a UFC paperview without ROnda Rousey???

Oh look it's the "I don't like WMMA, so I'll make a thread with a leading question about cancelling WMMA" thread
Never once in my life have I seen this before
so out of the people who want Liz to win, how many want Liz to win and not just Ronda to lose
I don't imagine too many. I don't really care for her personality, but it's not like I want her to lose because of that. I really don't want to see women's mma in the UFC, least of all on ppv. Women's mma hinges on sex appeal, and Rhonda losing leaves a tatted up butch chick as the champ. Hopefully the ppv bombs, Rhonda loses, and women get relegated to the undercards of the FX and Fuel shows.
I really like Liz's attitude a lot, and I wish her the best in this fight. I just hope this turns out to be a great well-rounded fight. This is huge for WMMA, this is it. Biggest stage in the sport, main event. If the fight is bad, it will set women back in this sport, at least as far as popularity and acceptance go. This is Bonnar vs. Griffin 1. That being said, it's very good to have Rousey as the champ. For better or worse, she has that star power that people like in the mainstream. As long as she keeps bringing it in her fights, I'm cool with her being the champ.
I watch Rousey. So do a lot of people apparently as the Rousey carried SF at the end.

Rousey is here to stay, get used to it

Fixed that for you.

WMMA is entirely based on one fighter.
She already knows shes going to get armbared under 2 or 3 minutes at max

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