What sub are you the best at defending?


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Dec 19, 2001
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I really do love escaping the armbar, sometimes they take it from side control and there i am thinking of my defence immediately. Even there are times when i let them get the armbar if it is sloppy so that i can get the superior position when i stack and escape to get the sidemount.

I know it's playing with fire and will not work against the better guys but it's still good to practice escaping regardless.
i've gotten really good at defending rear naked choke and kimura
Wristlocks and figure fours due to flexible wrists and shoulders
i defend all leg submissions very well, and key locks
I got caught in a real bad armbar once (one of the first times i ever grappeled) and ever since that one I've been working a lot on my armbar defence, and I've always been good at defending triangles. One of my favorits is the can opener counter to the triangle, and then spin around and do a legbar, Rutten style!
guillotines. anyone can get caught but people usually have a hard time finifh me with them even if they get sunk tight.
being 5'8, 220 its allmost imposible to lock up a triangle up on me...i usually let them cross the legs then go for a slam while their fully commited. Also i'm not sure why because i'm really not that flexable but leg locks never seem to stick. I know how to defend them very well but even if i get cought in a slick one i can seem to get out every time. Also i have a great defence for the gillitine. Arms bars own me like crazy, really the only sub that every gets me
Defend when they got my back, most of the time they can't keep this position on me. Defend the arm-bar 1 out of 3 times on average, I can roll out right away if I'm going to escape it at all, sometimes I can defend from the inside guard untill they fall off my arm.
After fighting numerous Sambo guys, leglocks are nothing to me.

Traingles are easy for me to escape also.
key lock I only have one defense, but it frustrates newbs so bad they think they're not doing it right and they give up even tho it's on! ha! Better guys figure me out and tap me, so my laughter is short lived, God bless the whitebelts tho'!
Bmonk said:
After fighting numerous Sambo guys, leglocks are nothing to me.

Traingles are easy for me to escape also.
What do you do, to escape the triangles?