What does your week training schedule look like?


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Jun 8, 2002
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Here's a look at my schedule:
S: Rest
M: Starting Judo tomorrow
W: Judo
F: Sprint/agility drills
S: Thinking about adding Wrestling in here

I might add some functional training twice a week as well.
Sunday push workout (Bench squats etc)
Monday : rest, sometimes shadowbox a few rounds with bas' muay thai cd.
tuesday: gi jiu jitsu(1 hr) (sometimes 2.5hyr advanced judo class instead.)
weds: basic judo class(1.5 hrs) followed by jiu jitsu (1 hr,gi)
thurs: gi jiu jitsu (1 hr) sometimes muay thai also(1 hr), pull workout (dealifts pulldowns....)
Oh man.... Next week is Gi-Week, so I am planning on:

Monday: 2 hours Aikiwaza, 2 hours BJJ
Tuesday: 1 hour Judo, 2 hours BJJ
Wednesday: 2 hours BJJ
Thursday: 1 hour Judo, 2 hours BJJ
Friday: 2 hours BJJ, 2 more hours BJJ
Saturday: 2 hours Grappling, 1.5 more hours Grappling
Sunday: 1.5 hours TKD, 1.5 hours Grappling with Strikes allowed

Since it is Gi-Week, I will ask if I can wear my gi on the weekend. It would give me a disadvantage, because this gi is a lot bigger than I'm used to.
monday standup 1.5 hour.
wednesday mma 2 hours.
friday grappling 1.5 hour.

there used to be a great great great 2h boxing class on thursdays that i just have to get back to.
Monday: Boxing
Tuesday: Rest
Wednesday: BJJ
Thursday: Teaching Youth Class (Boxing & BJJ)
Friday: Rest
Saturday: BJJ/Boxing
Sunday: BJJ
monday rest
tuesday 2 hours no gi bjj
wednesday 2 hours gi bjj
thursday 1 hour weights (push) 1.5 hours judo
friday 1 hour thai
saturday 1 hour weights (legs) 2 hours bjj
sunday 1 hour thai
bjj, gi or no-gi, every day - twice a day sometimes (tues, thurs, and friday). squeeze in 2 weight room sessions throughout the week whenever.
i guess alot of guys here are students because i struggle to fit in 2 training sessions a day and work.
the only way i can do it is a weights session before judo on a thursday or at the weekend when i have more time.
Starting in February, mine will shift to:

mon (am) cardio (pm) bjj
tue (am) cardio (pm) resistance/bjj (alternating weeks)
wed (am) cardio (pm) bjj
thu (am) cardio (pm) resistance
fri off
sat (am) bjj/cardio (alternating weeks)
sun off
Monday BJJ
Tuesday BJJ
Wednesday Cardio or Weights
Thursday BJJ
Friday Cardio or Weights (insert BJJ depending on a new class added at the gym)
Saturday BJJ
Sunday Basketball

My diet is nonexistent latley though, so all my work is worthless. I'm feeling so fat latley. I'm in the process of moving so all of our food is packed up..I'm just eating crap.
Sunday Church
Monday Wrestling Practice
Tuesday Fitness For Life/ Wrestling Practice/BJJ
Wednesday Wrestling Practice
Thursday Fitness For Life/Wrestling Practice/BJJ
Friday Wrestling Dual Meet
Saturday BJJ
Monday: Brazilian Jiu Jitsu
Tuesday: MMA
Wednesday: Brazilian Jiu Jitsu
Thursday: MMA
Friday: Brazilian Jiu Jitsu
Saturday No-gi submission wrestling
Sunday: kickboxing/rest
Monday: BJJ
Tuesday: BJJ
Wednesday: BJJ
Thursday: BJJ
Friday: BJJ or I might start doing the nogi classes on friday
Saturday: Handball
Sunday: Handball
starting training next week, this is what my schedule will look like to start off

Sunday: BJJ (1hr 15m)
Monday: BJJ (1hr)
Tuesday: BJJ (1hr 15m)
Wednesday: Boxing (1-2 hrs)
Thursday: Boxing (1-2 hrs)
Friday: Boxing (1-2 hrs)
Saturday: Muay Thai (1hr)
Sunday: Rest
Monday: Stand-up
Tuesday: BJJ
Wednesday BJJ Private, BJJ class at a satelite school if work allows it
Thursday: BJJ
Friday: BJJ at a satelite school if work allows it
Saturday: Work

Plus I have different weight training circuits I do a few days a week before work.
Sunday: Gym
Monday: 1.5 hours Judo, 1 hour TKD
Tuesday: Gym
Wensday: 1 hour TKD
Thursday: 1.5 hours Judo, 1 hour TKD
Friday: Gym
Saturday: Party
Plus bag/mitt work and sparring with friends when I can find the time
I work 8-4:30 5 days a week, most of this is done at home after the kids are in bed.

Mon - run 2 miles or so fartlek style or using the IBUR chart from tnation; grip work
Tues - 10 rounds of Bas' Thai workout, or the all around workout; nice stretch
Wed - Circuits of powercleans with push press, run 1/4 mile, situps, leglifts - repeat 4 times
Thurs - 2 hours of Thaiboxing at the club
Fri - usually rest, a movie and a beer.
Sat 5 mile jog in the morning - 2.5-3 hours of MMA work in the afternoon (wrestling drills and standup drills some sparring at the club
Sun - More powercleans

Except when out to the club I keep the workouts short and to the point. And do them all at home.
Here is mine, its kinda not as much as I want because of shcool but here it is
Monday: Two hours of jujitsu, mostly takedowns, then an hour and a half of weights/muscle endurance.
Tusday: Hour and Half of jujitsu
Wendsay: Same as monday except gound game mostly
Thursday Same as Tuseday
Friday: Two hours of jujitsu
Saturday: Two hours of striking an hour and half of upper body and thirty to forty minutes of sprinting
Sunday: Weights focusing on the legs and more sprinting.
Whoa these are some nice training schedules. I like the ideal of AM and PM training to fit everything in.
and god damn yous train alot. I travel an hour there and back to train BJJ. Judo is like 10 mins from me. Wrestling is an hour away too.
Monday - BJJ - 1.5 Hours
Tuesday - Muay Thai - 1 Hour (Depending on how much work I have to get done the next day)
Wednesday - BJJ - 1.5 Hours
Thursday - Rest - (Soon to be going to Competition Instruction class for BJJ after I finish Night School)
Friday - BJJ - 1.5 Hours
Satuday - No-Gi Submission Wrestling 1.5 Hours
Sunday - Rest