Uneven weights?


Tino Rangatiratanga
May 5, 2004
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I've been doing a bit of weight training recently, and I've noticed that my right pec is slightly smaller and less muscular than my left. I guessed that my left side was probably my naturally weaker side, and so had to work harder to keep up with my right ( keeping the bar balanced when bench-pressing etc.), therefore making it a little bit bigger.

Now I'm wondering if maybe having a little bit extra weight on the right side (2.5kg maybe?) will help even up my two pecs? Is this a good idea, or should I just stick to keeping the same amount of weight each side of the bar?
Don't do that, it's asking for trouble. It's not unusual to get less than perfectly symmetrical development. Dumbells might be the way to go in order to bring your balance up to par quickly.
I wouldn't sweat it. my right calf is bigger, my left arm and pec are bigger (im left handed/footed/everything). the reason my right calf is bigger is because you jump off of your right leg if youre left-sided when you do single leg jumps in a sort of sport. chances are, the only person that notices is you.
Hahaha, okay. Thanks a lot guys.
No man just make sure that you get -as- strong on your weak side with dumbels. Only do unilateral movements until you have fixed it.

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I think you should figure out if its natural or there is something your doing
in your daily life that favors one side...