UFC 158 General Discussion (merged threads)


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Oct 6, 2008
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How do you see the Cote-Sakara rematch going? I was disapointed in the way the fight ended last time, so looking forward to the rematch. Expecting a brawl, hoping for Cote to pull the W.

This is gonna be a sick card!
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Sweet, that was a sick fight for the minute or two it lasted. Sakara's elbows from the clinch were awesome.
Yeah was a dope fight up until the stoppage, I see Sakara taking it via needing it more. He'll come out strong.
Put this on FX please
Better referee would be great and Alessio takes it by a unanimous decision.
Sakara is the better overall fighter but it's his chin that always worries me. Sakara by decision.
Cote caught Sakara big the first time, rushed in and got caught himself. I see Cote hurting Alessio again but he's learned his lesson. He won't get KO'ed this time.

Sakara shouldn't have a DQ on his record either BTW. NC fit perfectly.
I'm gonna go with Sakara, he was looking good until the illegal punches.
Currently I cannot find a better quality picture.


Nick Diaz is in the background.
Does GSP fight outside of Canada anymore?
Fuck no lol could be a lot better

Gsp vs Diaz
Condit vs Rory 2
Hendricks vs Ellenberger

Sick fucking card!