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Dec 16, 2001
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I was thinking that it would be great to have a thread where all of us could post our new PR's to inspire other lifters. All PR's welcome from 100lbs to 1000lbs. Hopefully we'll be making progress enough to keep this near the top. If not, I'll have a mod stickify it.

I pulled 460 today. My biggest DL ever. Used my new chalk and it seemed to help the grip a lot. It was a tough pull, but not murderous.
i put up 185 for my max today, it doesnt sound like alot but im only 16 and 140lbs.
My PR's are as follows:

Bench: 250
Squat: 300
Deadlift: 330

I love deadlifts btw. :D
I'll edit in my PRs here in two weeks when Im doing my singles week.
Bench: 225
Squat: 385
Dead: 405
Power Clean: 205
No no, I'm not asking for best lifts, I just think we should post when he break one of our records.
My personal bests:

1991, 22 years old and 175 lbs - D.L. 435 lbs
1991, 22 years old and 175 lbs - Squat 450 lbs
2001, 32 years old and 205 lbs - Bench 325 lbs

2003 D.L. If I tried 435 I would not be able to walk out under my own power...
2003 Squat I'm still getting my quads back in shape after nearly needing a scope last spring.
2003 Bench 295 lbs, and thats with a slight rotator cup tear.

My goals for the future are to bench press 225 for 12 reps with elevated legs and flat back. Leg press 540 lbs 20 times.
I swear you guys are mongoloids hahaha.

No I'm just kidding, but seriously I wasn't looking for a list of everyones best lifts. Notice that's not what I did. I was just trying to make a place where all the lifters on here could post NEW PR's. Like I did. To share their accomplishment with their fellow lifters and to help them along. Does that make more sense?
Yes. So what you are saying is not to post the best you have ever done. Just post when you have gotten better. When you just set a new PR. I get it now.
edit in this in your initial thread carnal "edit in any new PR in your previous post, so we wont have a thread that's a mile long with new PR for the same ppl every 20 or 30 posts"

if you do I can then delete this proposal ;)
unless the goal is to have as long thread as possible
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