Strickland will Soldic Du Plessis

Looking at Du Plessis movement in the octagon and how he fights, and doing the same for Strickland,
it seems the most obvious outcome will be Du Plessis getting TKO/KOd by Strickland in Soldic fashion.

Dricus also KOed Soldic
Hard to call a guy pillow fisted who dropped Izzy in round 1.
Then proceeded to punch him about 30 times in a row while inflicting almost no damage whatsoever.

Also Izzy had his cherry popped in back to back fights with Pereira, maybe Strickland dropping him had more to do with Izzy’s chin and less with Sean’s power.
I'm a bit on the fence on this one since Sean is a slow starter, and Dricus is a fast-starter, and a brawler

I reckon if Sean manages to keep distance and take him appart in the first rounds, he can get it done fairly easily in R3 or R4

I lean towards DPs but I pull for Strickland. It's whether he can weather the storm or not.