Spending time w/ ppl you don't like


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Mar 15, 2007
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Anyone have to spend holiday time w/ someone you don't really like? Tomorrow I am obligated to spend some time with some relatives, some I actually can't stand. I have been dreading it all week. I have never really felt this way but over time two of the individuals have said/done things that have made me feel this way about them. They are cousins and this isn't "oh so and so is weird." It's more of a "I can't fucking stand them" kind of thing and it really bothers me because they are family.

I know some don't like their in-laws but that's different. Oh well it's 2-3 hours and it over.
Yeah I know what you mean. I do it to make the old ones happy. It's once a year though. It's still not worth the irritation.
My stepmother's brother is kind of a dick to me. I don't really hate him or even dislike him, but it's always awkward. I know there will be a few conversations over the next couple days where his tone or general patronizing attitude will be a minor buzzkill in an otherwise good atmosphere.
Family doesn't bother me at all. I hve enough in common to keep things interesting.

When I was a pot smoker I had a giant web of faux friends (some I realized after the haze wore off that I didn't really like or wouldn't prefer to hang out with)

Once I quit, and had no weed at the house -I quickly found out who was an actual friend too.
Yep. I'm getting old enough to stop being pretend nice to them. Now we avoid eachother even when placed in the same room.
I work until four tomorrow, then it's an evening with my fianc
Unconditional obligations based on blood relations creep me out.
Just sit on the far corner of the room and talk around them.

I had an uncle (by marriage) for years that I literally didn't even look his way at the holidays. Not a word or even a glance of acknowledgement. No one liked him, and he just came to our Christmas party and brooded the whole time.

Now he's dead, and my Christmas will be decidedly less awkward.
One of the people I don't want to see acts nice in person then you hear from other people that he thinks you're an idiot. This from a 50 y/o who lives with his mom and lost his license for drunk driving. Everyone is flawed, no problem, but the thing that did it for me was when he posted a smart ass remark on FB about my brother. He was drunk and it was the type of shit other people would say he said. The beer and being behind a keyboard made him brave I guess. Tomorrow he will be all smiles and pretend to be nice like he always does buti aint buing it. told my brother I am going to ignore him and see how he acts then.
Too obvious. Get a 6er of nice IPA (or imperial stout if you like a dark beer). And get fucked up quietly with a touch of class

I need a twelve to even begin hitting on my sister-in-law. A six barely makes me tolerable.
Too obvious. Get a 6er of nice IPA (or imperial stout if you like a dark beer). And get fucked up quietly with a touch of class

That sounds like a good idea. I hope I'm not expected to share
Too obvious. Get a 6er of nice IPA (or imperial stout if you like a dark beer). And get fucked up quietly with a touch of class

Edit: Old Rasputin is pushing 9+% alc. Content

My preferred is Steel Reserve @ 8%.
Sharing is a bad idea to begin with. I got drunk with my lady's uncle and the end rusult was a little violent. Old man can hit. Best to drink with your own generation.
Yes , tomorrow (Christmas Day for us Aussies) I will be forced to have my sisters on again off again husband at my house. I hate this dickhead with a fiery passion because he treats my sister like shit but I have to put all that shit aside and hopefully be nice for a few hours because my sister wants him there

It will get considerably harder to put up with the chump the more drinks I have

More drinks in me = Bigger urge to touch him with teh jab

He really deserves a good bashing

The whole situation pisses me off, I am forced to spend my Christmas, which is at my place, with someone I can't fucking stand. Basically, he makes a day that should be enjoyable a lot less enjoyable

$10 says when the sun goes down I will tell him to "fuck off"