So, why do you do it????

RJ Powell**

Mar 19, 2008
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I get this question all the time, alot of people don't understand why i train so hard, what for? What is the point? Some people just don't get it, and probably never will.
Everyone has a reason they are doing Martial Arts, maybe for exercise, or self-defense, maybe they wanna fight someday, maybe they are fighting.

I would you to share your reasons. For most people, one reason isn't enough, you can share as many as you like. Really think about them.

My reasons, no particular order.

1) Exercise, the best feeling in the world is the one you get from a hard MA based workout IMO.

2) I have been punching and kicking since i was 6, it is a big part of my life, a part that i don't think i will ever lose no matter how hard i try.

3) I love to compete, competition lets me test my skills in a safe environment, it also brings out the real animal instinct in me. It's pretty much a high.

4) Discipline, MA keeps me focused, and helps me in daily life. It is the spirit of the sport.

5) My love and unquenchable thirst for knowledge in the martial arts, all forms of empty hand combat.
Good idea for a thread. Heres mine in no order..I train and want to fight amatuer but right now everythings on hold for chest surgery this next monday.

-Exercise-feel good, and look good.
-Ability to backup myself and or friends if need be (defend oneself)
-The idea of competition once again (i need it)
-training a ton actually helps me sleep (without it i become somewhat of an insomniac)
-Proveing people wrong
-relieve stress

I think the biggest reason of all that intrigues me to eventually compete is that when I train and eventually fight I am almost entirely in control of my future...If I work hard I will most likely get results. If things go my way I know its because I went harder and I wanted it more and if things dont go my way I only have myself to blame. This will just be refreshing with all the health issues and surgeries ive had (things outside of my control)
-feel worthless when not training
1/ I love to play sports and martial arts is such a pure, amazing sport. I love how your instincts play such a large role and I love how there's always something to improve on. Every time I go to train, especially on a Saturday morning when the sun is shining into the gym, I have a big smile on my face and want to go for hours.

2/ It's great exercise.

3/ I like to the feeling of confidence it gives me, especially for standing up for what I believe is right. Knowing that I'm skilled and able to physically handle most situations, I feel much more confident to confront people when they're out of line.
1) Excercise
2) defense
3) competition
I find something intangible an indescribable when I'm training on in a ring
Above all, exercise. It's a martial art that can help me defend myself but will definitely improve my conditioning. Gives me a boost of confidence and has really improved my self-esteem.

Also, I do this to help other people. It pisses me off to hear about kids being robbed in the streets, and the people passing by (especially adults) don't do anything. I want to have the power to help others in danger...
1) Exercise, the best feeling in the world is the one you get from a hard MA based workout IMO.

4) Discipline, MA keeps me focused, and helps me in daily life. It is the spirit of the sport.

5) My love and unquenchable thirst for knowledge in the martial arts, all forms of empty hand combat.

^^^^ I agreee with that along with pretty much all the reasons I've read.

I would also add that I love doing it just for the sake of doing it... No matter how shitty my day at work was or how bad my personal life is I know when I enter the Dojo with my Sensei and fellow classmates all those problem dissapear for a few hours.

Training has seriously become a part of my life and I'm at the point right now where I feel guilty if I even miss a class.
Definitely agree that it's an addiction (for me anyways). Competition is a big one, too, I've always loved sports.

One of the odder things that you'll won't come across on Sherdog often, if at all: my family strictly forbade me doing martial arts growing up for the sole fact that I'm a girl, while sending my brothers on to Karate classes. All my life I've wanted to see what I've been missing and did so as soon as I moved out.

Now that I'm almost done recovering from an ACL injury, I've found that Muay Thai and working out in general greatly reduced my stress and I wouldn't put in so many hours at work (I'm salaried so anything over 40 hours I don't get compensated for). Something I've missed greatly for the past several weeks. It gives me something to look forward to after a shitty day at work.
There are no limits can never reach "the end" No one knows how far we can go so the neverending quest of bringing out the best in oneself and the process of getting there!
Basically it is because I enjoy it. I could exercise doing something else or carry a gun to defend myself (which I do anyway), but for some reason I really enjoy going to the gym to learn the technique and train to fight and the actual fighting involved at the end.
-I enjoy it
-A pretty good workout
-Its a major turn-on for chics
-Pushing yourself to the limit is a great feeling

-I want to compete someday. :D
I love it...I have played football and wrestled when I was a the Marine Corp for 6 years..have trained in japan and Thailand and there is no better feeling after a hard workout or learning something new or competing..Just a really great sense of satisfaction and accomplishment
Like my boxing coach says, "Inside every man, doesn't matter what type of man it is, is the ability to fight. And it is up to that man, to train himself to art that can be mastered by any man willing to put the time and effort."
I like punching people.

Can't go wrong with this one :icon_chee

I've thought about it before and came to the conclusion that the purest form of communication is combat. I find you can tell a lot about a person from sparring/fighting with them - the true nature of a person comes out once the punches start flying. It's also one of the base human instincts and I find it 'spiritually' enriching. Essentially, training my body (strength, cardio and actual skill training) is sort of my religion - my way to better myself physically and mentally.

Sometimes I hate being a philosophy student, too much thinking!
to have shoulders like artur kyshenko, what other reason could there be?