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Apr 25, 2005
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Urban, or anybody with some expierience which book do you recommend.

Infinite Intensity or Ultimate Training for the Ultimate Warrior

I am recovered from 2 knee surgeries, and plan on starting BJJ and Boxing again in about 3 months. Thanks.
For bodyweight stuff = underground guide, for gpp = ultimate training, otherwise infinite.
yes it doesnt go ass deep into bodyweight as underground guide (even though he goes beyond it with more dificult and more advanced movements) and it doesnt go into gpp as deep as ultimate training. But on the whole that is exactly what it does and it is propably his best book yet. But bevare it is whery advanced, if you like body weight stuff it could be wise to begin with underground guide and then build onto it later with II.. Anyhow you do im fairly sure you will be pleased.
ultimate guide is mainly focused on sandbag training,infinite intensity has more variation and uses the sandbag as a finisher on some days,it depends on if you want your training to be sandbags or mostly DBs
Thanks for the response NEWrestler. Sorry, I didn't realize there was another thread about the same thing. Any more responses are appreciated. Not trying to be an ass though.
As said before ultimate training is a book about sandbag and sledgehammer training, and II is a complex program or program theory incoporating undulating and conjugate periodization, body weight and weighted gpp and HIIT. Im actually about to give the II program a go in the next 2-3 weeks because it looks like a fun routine.
Cool man, be sure to post your results from it here, im curious about that program to.

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