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Media Robert Whittaker brutally honest on Bo Nickal fight

One mediocre night at the office (submission victory) and now Bo sucks lol.

Styles make fights. Cody is one of those fighters that is hard to deal with. Bo probably thought he was going to run him over as did everyone else. He learned some things, and will improve because of it. That is what winners do.

If Bo is still around at UFC 400 maybe he can redeem himself.

He won but his slip showed a little there sir.
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Another interesting observation by Rob in that video was that Pereira stepped on Hill's foot while throwing the devastating left hook/shovel uppercut. Talks about it at about 3:40. I had not noticed that, some good insight. Interesting to think how that happened also within just a couple of seconds of the restart of the fight, Pereira is bringing some next level shit.
You know you're ass when nice guy Whittaker doesn't even have anything nice to say about you.
His main training partner, Malkoun, lost via DQ in a fight he was dominating him in.

Definitely justified though and a good next fight for Nickal would be Malkoun.
Agreed with everything he said, he was more than fair
Lol at the haters...he is 6 fights into his career and this is only his 3rd UFC fight. Let's relax a bit and see what happens. I'm excited as hell to see how his career plays out.
He was on the main cArd of UFC 300. That ship has sailed, it's sink or swim time.
I love Mr Knuckles but he despises Brundage for the way he took a soft DQ win against his boy Malkoun so he was probably really hoping that Bo would put a beating on him. He also makes a point of not getting friendly with or praising other middleweight contenders since there's a good chance he'll have to try to break his face or snap his knee ligaments at some point in the future.

I agree with him. Bo Nickal could very well be the next Ronday Rousey. I won't be surprised his whole MMA career will spiral downwards once he gets proper tagged for the first time ..
I love how no one even calls him the reaper and just calls him bobby knuckles. You cant be called the reaper when youre as nice as wonderboy.
Also a reaper would...ya know...finish people.
J/k I've bobby.
There's a reason the UFC is bringing oop Bo Nickel slowly.

Teh holes in his game are known, but he's working diligently on closing them. 100% he will improve... & he will continue to get harder opponents the entire way.

They want him to be a star, and they're crooning him for it. Once he shows his game has risen to an appropriate level... then he will get his shot... not sooner.

The only people trying to rush the process are uneasy fans who don't like that he's getting a lot of hype... but his credentials & underlying work ethic & grit are not achievable by just anyone. So just sit back & enjoy teh show & let teh kid develop.
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