*question on neck workout*



Hi I have a question on neck training

I do neck bridges and neck curls (using the neck harness for the neck curls)

Now, which one of these exercises should I do first? I dont know if its good to first start out doing sets of neck curls or to finish with the curls. Any help would be appreciated,

I do neck bridges...with the head harness

I do not think it means what you think it means.

Thanks Chase T, that makes alot of sense

comeon someone has to have the answer.
Neck bridges are not done with a harness of any sort.

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These are neck bridges:


You don't do them with a weighted head harness. It doesn't matter what order you do them in. The fact that you're asking makes me think that you have very little weight lifting experience and have not done much in the way of research.
OMG I know what neck bridges are! Ive done them a thousand times.

Its just that I havent really thought about whats better to do first, neck bridge sets or sets of NECK CURLS with the NECK HARNESS... JEEZ

Did I say that neck bridges are done with a neck harness? No. IM just asking which exercise of the two (neck bridges and neck curls) are better to do first.

Try it both ways for 3 weeks and see which set up works better.
Fuck, I don't know if you cats are messing with this guy or just can't read.

I'd go with the harness first, since for me at least, I end up getting bored while bridging before my neck feels fatigued.

Another thing to try is the "neck crunch" put a plate on your forehead or the side of your head, back of your head, it can be done various ways (I advise putting a towel in there somewhere) and let your head stick out unsupported off a bench. Let your head go back just slightly, come back up. Sounds really easy, but enough rep and that shit starts to burn.
Fuck, I don't know if you cats are messing with this guy or just can't read.

So you're wearing a climbing harness in a bridge position?


Carnal Salvation thanks alot, you gave the only answer I wanted, again thanks for actually reading my question.

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Personally I like bridging first, neck harness after. I don't like my neck to be fatigued when doing bridges seeing that there is more of a risk of injury when doing bridges.