Petition for meat fist's yellow card


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Feb 28, 2002
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Check in here if you think mf's yellow was a pure bullshit by-product of an arbitrarily autocratic action of a certain admin, having no sufficient justification at all.

Whoever supports meat, speak up and demand a yellow as well as a sign of moral courage and communal solidarity.
Checking In...this is total bullshit.....he's a repsected vet around these here parts. I'll take a yellow for this noble cause.
Look folks, he even sacrificed himself for an additional card to strengthen the cause.

Look at this abuse of power. You are acting like this a private forum..this is the goddamn internet...haven't you heard of freedom of speech?
I cant believe it has come to this. I thouhgt it would have happened sooner. Scary, i support the meat!
fuck that shit...meat has been an outstanding member of the boar...this shit is all Drunken's fault for powertripping like a bitchy wife...

Look at you Magic Man, I couldn't get those cards on you fast enough, you've always been nothing but trouble around here, I'm not surprise to see you supporting this douchecow. Watch your step. ALL OF YOU WATCH IT!!!
WTF?!?!?!? Why are these mods (Meat, Magic) getting double yellow cards. Please fill me in.
Enough of this tyranny shit....damn power tripping mod....I swear things were never like this when shooto douche was an admin. He would not have stood for such injustice to a well respected Veteran of the forums.
I step away to go take a shit and what the fuck happens? WTF is going on in here?!
Thats what I'm tryin to figure out here, Scarface, but none of these fokkers will answer my question.
read the avatar thread guys...and all will be explained. DMF is abusing his powers as an Admin.
That's a good question Scarface, I was supposed to be watching a movie with my wife right now and she's been asking me the same fucking question.
If you ARE the power, how can you ABUSE the power -- Mein Kampf pg 231.