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animal mother

back in 1936, baseball inducted the first five members into the hall of fame. due to the many years of baseball before the first induction, the original class remains the strongest in history with the likes of Ty Cobb, Babe Ruth, Honus Wagner, Christy Mathewson and Walter Johnson.

now a sherdog OT can't just be about greatness. we have tons of "who's the best" threads. this is more about impact, positive or otherwise. that said, here's my original five (ok, four).

1) hojak-- he built the fuckin' place with his bare hands and any time he shows up and makes even the most harmless of statements, a five page brouhaha is inevitable. that's heft.

2) bruce lovely--funniest poster ever.

3) shootoking--the postcount, tridux, the Tapout pic, king's paradise. i could go on and on. sure the guy's a tool, but he's a damn legend,

4) Meat Fist--formerly great poster who's been slowed down by administrative duties. combined with his drunken account, he's amongst the best and most prolific posters ever. his service to the site, the modship and admin positions, combined with his efforts to rid this site of the hojak administration, secures this spot.

5) i'm stumped. lots of worthy candidates but i'm having trouble narrowing it down. when i see other lists i'm sure i'll be able to pick a fifth.
I havent been around long enough to contribute to the list. As for my time on the boards vod, punk and yourself are a few legends. I wasnt around when the jake and his crew were running things but their names still pop up in a thread every so often. Drav. hasnt been around in awhile and might make a decent candidate.
I'm OK with this. Pete Rose didn't make it on the first ballot and history will show who fucked that deal up.
Not in any particular order....

5.) Don't be so humble. Animal Mother. From staunchest enemy, to one of the funniest guys on the board. Only other poster to fall under that category...

6.) Kain. Oh ye of skinny legs, and phat rhymes. His death threats are legendary.

7.) vod (lowercase spelling). Brutal, anyone, anytime.

8.) J-Garden. For a loooong time, you didn't fuck with him. Now that he's a senior, you really don't fuck with him.
5) Punk Mother

i thought he was pretty funny. he's right up there with bruce lovely in my book.
BTW, this thread will shortly be attacked by :eek::eek::eek:s claiming nuthugging, and TEH A$$HOEL PATROEL!!!1
Originally posted by skinnywussy
I'm OK with this. Pete Rose didn't make it on the first ballot and history will show who fucked that deal up.

i still see you as a whitebelt and no goddamn newb gets in to the HOF, my friend.
Lei TOng
Vod --> Need i say more than LOL
Juggernaut Heroin/Nihilism

And I agree with all
of the aforementioned . HEy wasnt shootoking the guy who pretended to have a pro fight? against some guy named sharkScrotum or something like that? Its foggy but i remember alot of retardation flying back and forth.
I also nominate Animal Mother, Punkmother, and Magic Man. Haven't seen punkmother since I've been back, but AM and MM were two of the best back in the day, and remain, IMO.

I also like Juggernaut_Nihilism.

*Edit* Leftbench was good too.
10.) OMFG!! How could I forget the "NO" dog. She is the mascot of OT.
damn, forgot about shooto's fake fight. sharktankfighter. man he sucked.

if the hype is to be believed, money would have made a good choice for my fifth spot. never saw him post so it's a tough inclusion.
Shootoking's post count is shit. It is all fabricated. He has less actual posts than me.
Originally posted by juggernaut nihilism
i think i should get in on a veterans committee vote. i'm the mazeroski of the forum.
You are the #1 overlooked man on sherdog.
Juggs, Just that you have that encyclopedia britanica tool as your av gets you in , in my opinion, and as part of the Old school sherdoggers veterans committe, you got my vote.

Hell maybe I should vote for myself just for keeping my post count low and sparing people my jibber jabber these last three years.

Anyone remember Evil Dave Hojack? He was some hacker who used to totally fuck with "the Hojak Administration" TM Ahhh classic times.
Originally posted by juggernaut nihilism
i think i should get in on a veterans committee vote. i'm the mazeroski of the forum.

on the second induction i'm looking at some combination of razor, yourself, skinny, J, ftyd, vod and a few others whose names escape me at the moment.
There are definately people who need to be in there.

IMO, here's a short list:

1)Meat Fist/DMF - reasons were already stated by others
2)VOD - no one should even bother questioning this one
3)LSG - only chick to make it on here long term and be able to banter with the OT regulars
4)Bruce Lovely - Billy Mayes says it all
5)Magic Man - no one else can talk about the working towards future goals in one thread, and move to MSPaint fucking pics in another with such ease
6)RangerFTL/ATL - if he can ever find his pants, there would be many people shot in the face
7)Money - the ultimate Sherdog heel, no one since him has worn the pink belt and made it a worthwhile belt