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Dec 17, 2015
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Round 1



**** If you want to sign up, post your intentions in this thread and tag @Arqueto. Make it PERFECTLY CLEAR that you want to enter. Do not just post a .gif as your intent to sign-up. Do not say "IN" or anything else that can be misinterpreted. "I want to sign up @Arqueto" would be a good response. Check the bottom of the OP to make sure you are added!! This is your responsibility to make sure. If you don't see your name in the contestant list and you see contestants being added after you have signed up, then @ tag or quote @Arqueto in this thread. ****

NGS V10 will be a two round event. Round 1 will be for UFC 302 Makhachev vs Poirier Jun 1st, 2024. The top 20 Shoops will advance to the Final Round which will be for UFC 303 McGregor vs Chandler Jun 29, 2024. Entries will be due around 72 hours after the main event start time. *Note that all times and dates will be for USA East Coast (EST).

The title of the contest is self-explanatory. There will be no animated gifs allowed. Single frame, static images only. No storyboard shoops. We will limit this to the first 40 people who sign up and then we will take alternates. All contestants will be added to the Sherdog Shoop News PM Group (SDSN). If anyone else wants to sign up for the SDSN click here. Now let's get this party started!!

******************************* PRIZES *******************************

So far we have $135 in prizes!!

$50 @Arqueto $40 @Reach4theSky $30 Anonymous Sherbro $15 @Wreckless and a Shadtrophy from brother @Draxton

Donations are welcome. We do Amazon "eGift Codes" which can be purchased here. PM the code to @Arqueto with "NGS V10 Donation" somewhere in the title. Even a $5 donation is awesome. We always need $5 chunks when dividing the prizes, so it will come in handy.


• First and foremost, at all times you are responsible for knowing the rules in the OP of the contest. NO EXCUSES. Anything added to Contestant PMs will also be considered part of the rules.

• If you want to sign up, post your intentions in this thread and tag @Arqueto. Make it PERFECTLY CLEAR that you want to enter. Do not just post a .gif as your intent to sign-up. It will be ignored. Do not say "IN" or anything else that can be misinterpreted. "I want to sign up @Arqueto" would be a good response.

• Make sure you are entered under the "Contestants" list at the bottom of this post. It's up to you to make sure we have seen your post and that you are entered. This is VERY important. I will reply to every entrant that I see but please double-check that you are on the list.

• If you sign-up and have to bow out, please give @Arqueto a courtesy PM so that any alternates can be notified that their spot is open.

• Entries will be submitted to @Arqueto in a P.M. with your Username and “NGS V10 Entry Round1” in the title. For example "Arqueto NGS V10 Entry Round 1." Make sure to put the proper "Round" number at the end. This means using "Round 2" for the final round. If it is not titled like this, I may not see it. Do not submit your entries until after the UFC events are over. I get a lot of PMs and it's best if all the entries are together and titled properly. If it is not titled properly or if it is entered days before the contest it may get lost and overlooked. If you have a compelling reason to enter it early, then PM @Arqueto and explain. There are always exceptions.

• The deadline for submission will be around 72 hours after the respective UFC Card's Main Card start time.

• Voting will start shortly thereafter and last for 3 days.

• You can start early if you want.

• Shoops must relate to the respective UFC events or build-ups.

• One entry per person.

• Images should be in .jpg, or .png, format.

• Single frame, static images only.

• No storyboard Shoops. A storyboard is a muti-frame, comic book style image.

• Do not post your images anywhere on the internet before or during the contest or you will be disqualified.

• No reusing old shoops or shoops made by others.

• You can use whatever program you would like. You can make it on a cell phone, tablet, computer, or whatever else you would like.

• Do not put your user name in the name of your file.

• Do not use any external images in your entry that can identify it as yours. We have had a few entries where the contestants are using their avatar and/or their buddy's avatar. This will easily identify it as yours and since this contest is anonymous, this will not be allowed.

• NEW RULE!! No self-voting. We have limited votes and this will help spread the love around to the other hard-working contestants.

• No vote trolling. You will be banned from further contests including ISL and MSPaint. This means in no way are you to ask or coerce others into voting for you.

• No threads about specific entrants until after the contest.

• We will determine the winner by combining your total votes from both rounds. Whoever has the most votes wins.

• If you have any questions, ask in this thread or P.M. @Arqueto. If you think your entry is in any way against the rules, P.M. me so that it can be OK'd.

• Rules and prizes are subject to change.

• (this has been updated) Contestants: Do not attach your images to Sherdog or they will not be accepted. Use a proper image host. I recommend https://imgur.com or you can use your own. We do not allow images hosted on Photobucket as they have a user name in the URL.
***Please note that we are no longer accepting images from https://ibb.co and https://imgbb.com/ since they are throttling bandwidth.

• Don’t forget to thank those that donated. They believe in you and the scene, so show them some support too.


01. @Myrddin Wild
02. @Otto!
03. @Arqueto
04. @Reach4theSky
05. @kuf
06. @Van Daz
07. @Davidjacksonjones
08. @Natural Order
09. @SenorFranko
10. @Wreckless
11. @Tronald Dump
12. @AleYeah
13. @MT7
14. @lostdog000
15. @Doughie99
16. @fighters_respect
17. @Siver!
18. @AmonTobin
19. @Your Account
20. @Sweater of AV
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