Next UFC event to be held in a Stadium? *PICS


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Dec 24, 2012
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The last (and only) UFC event held in a Stadium was 129, and we missed out on 148 which was supposed to be a Soccer stadium in Brazil (would have been HECTIC!) but was moved to the MGM Grand.

There was just an enourmous vibe in the room at UFC 129, where the fighters tried that little harder to impress the 55,000 spectators (human psychology, right?) and the energy in the cage must have been unreal!

In the US, there are so many Football/Baseball Stadiums,
In the UK, Brazil and Europe there are so many Soccer stadiums!
And the same in Asia too.

Imagine Londons Olympic Stadium or Wembley Stadium :eek:



Wembley Stadium FULL


I mean who saw the Opening and Closing Ceremonies to the Olympics?!
inb4 pride fanboys say they will only sell 15k tickets and will have to give out the rest for free like pride did
The problem my be ticket sales I think but Hell yeah all those look good dude
I don't think England has a big enough MMA market to fill Wembley.
i know people who went to the toronto show and they said they couldnt see sht, so this would b even worse
and yeah im down for the superdome (mercedes dome) as well. That whould be another reason to come to LA. Then they should have it for Mardi Gra weekend SO SICK!!!!!
Seeing a stadium empty and then entering it at full capacity(or close) when you're full of energy and emotion definitely does something for your psychology in a good way. It's incredible, they should definitely consider doing this more often, the fighters couldn't help being energized. There aren't too many more directions I feel the UFC can take to really step up the MMA community on a world playing field but this would be one, literally and figuratively.
I don't think England has a big enough MMA market to fill Wembley.

tyson fury just called out Cain. get a boxing vs mma fight in there and perhaps David Haye making a debut + bisping taking on anderson, may not sell out a football stadium but could be a big draw
The seating capacity at Wembley is 90k, with floor seats added it would be even more. The UFC could hold the most stacked card in their history and it would still wouldnt be full.

The only realistic place where they can get that kind of ticket numbers is in Brazil.