Mir is going to destroy Cormier


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Jul 27, 2010
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He has better striking and will tear a limb off if it goes to the ground. I know people on here love to hate on Mir, but he is going to derail that hype train.
Doubtful. I can't stand either fighter, but Mir won't be able to deal with Cormier's pursuit, and then his takedowns will hurt Mir's will, IMO
Very possible. Cormier is good, but Mir is vastly more tested against better competition.

Gonna be a good one.

Cormier nuthuggers are gonna make the lead up to this fight a pain though.
Mir does great against powerful wrestlers....
Lmao TS has never seen a Cormier fight. Mir has better striking my ass.
Cormier will ko Mir. Mir will not be able to take him down and will get outstruck.
Cormier will win. But I will say you can never count Frank Mir out. The man can still be dangerous.
I'd imagine it'd be like the Barnett fight. I don't see how Mir destroys a guy like Cormier at all. I understand if you think he can win but "destroy"...? Hell no.
Meh, Mir's striking is horrendous, despite what people are saying.

Even his grappling isn't that good. He has probably the best submissions/killer instinct of any other HW grappler, but that doesn't help you when you're getting totally controlled from the top.
Franks gonna submit DC. This guys hype train will be derailed via superior competition in the UFC.
Cormier is too fast for Mir. Dont' count him out but Mir is going to be the underdog.
Corimer has mad power and better wrestling. Mir won't be able to get a take down, or win in the clinch he's going to get destroyed .