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Jan 13, 2004
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I thought I'd write another thread for my training since the last one was a good way to reflect on how things had been after each session. The reason for the title is that I'm going into my final year of uni and if I am to continue I will have to make it to the next level in terms of the weights I lift out on the platform (as opposed to building a solid base which doesn't always translate to results).

My current bests are:
Powersnatch 2x90, 3x90 (blocks)
Snatch 3x95, 1x113
Snatch pulls 3x140
Powerclean 120x3, 125x1, 130x1 (blocks)
Clean & Jerk 145
Clean pulls 3x165, 3x180 (blocks), 1x195 (deadlift)
Front squat 3x150
Back squat 3x165, 2x170, 1x180
Press 5x70
Bench 4x95, 1x100 (pathetic but useless to me anyways)

My next competition will be in 3 months time, so the buildup will probably begin with a month of power work (higher reps, block work and generally getting strong), month after will focus more on some technique work but still building up strength, final month will be trying to max out the weights in the olympic lifts.

I am currently injury free however have had problems with my right knee and lower back (twisting causing inflammation, no herniated discs). As time goes on I realise this is one of the more important things to worry about in my training.

My first short term goals are to powerclean 130 from the blocks for a triple and to train with a more consistant split position in the jerk (feet going to the exact same position all the time).

Link to old log:
Monday training, coach was away so I did Tuesday's training on Monday (I really wanted to work on some things in the powersnatch and it's a medium week anyways).

Bodyweight 87.80kg
Snatch pulls DL (blocks) 3x3 140, last rep I did a pull, trying to make sure my feet are flat until later on in the pull
Power snatch (blocks) 4x3 90, struggling to powersnatch for all 3 but did it for one set which is good for me
Jerks (rack) 3x3 120, trying to drive with my upper body more stiff and in the right groove, was ok
Back squats 3/4 down 3x3 150, very tough but I'll be fine in time

Tonnage = 4.77T
Spend the afternoon at the beach and was very dehydrated before training, very stupid of me.

Bodyweight 88.00kg
Power cleans (blocks) 4x3 115, had trouble racking the bar, might be cause of the new straps I was using
Clean pulls DL (blocks) 5x3 170, again did a pull on the last rep, very easy
Push press 4x3 90, kinda akward lockout but easy nonetheless
Front squats 6x4 130, almost killed me, so little left in the tank, my legs are still hurting now

Tonnage = 8.13T

Gonna really take it easy tomorrow so that I'm nice and fresh before training.
Legs were still dead from yesterday's workout, glad I simply finished it

Bodyweight 87.40kg
Power clean & jerk 4x(2x2) 120, had to drop back to 110, cleans were absolutely shocking
Power jerks 3x3 90, not beautiful but good enough
Back squats (1/2 depth) 5x3 160, almost killed me, dropped 10kg for last set
Overhead squats 5x3 80kg, felt alright

Tonnage = 6.22T
Spent the morning moving concrete blocks for my dad in the 38 degree heat, surprisingly I'm not too hedydrated.

Bodyweight 88.40kg
Power clean (blocks) 4x2 115, were supposed to be full cleans but knee was a bit sore so I just powered it instead
Clean pulls (blocks) 4x3 170, was going to DL but did pulls instead
Jerks (rack) 4x2 120, tried having less of the bar on my hand in order to rack better, seems to work very well
Drop jerks 4x3 70
Presses, did some on 70 working upto a set of 5, easier than I thought it would be since it's been a long while

Tonnage = 5.39T
Trained early to partially avoid the heat (it was 33 when I left, opposed to 42 later on today).

Bodyweight 88.20kg (after training so this is really really good)
Snatch (blocks) 3x3 90, last set I powered two of them, a bit akward but nice when I got more aggressive
Clean & Jerks 3x2x2 120, ok - powered the first for my last two sets
Snatch pulls (blocks) 5x3 135, nice high pulls, pretty happy but pulling elbows back in last set instead of up
Front squats 3x3 140, last set on 145, surprisingly easy so I was happy

Tonnage = 5.55T
Weekly tonnage = 29.5T, up from the last time I measured tonnage (earlier this year) so I'm happy, not sure if next week will be more or less but I'm pretty happy so far, will go back on creatine soon too.
New week, weights are a bit lower but volume should be roughly similar to last week

Bodyweight 89.55kg, great plus I'm going on creatine now, might just be up cause I'm not dehydrated now as the weather has cooled down
Snatch pulls (low blocks) 3x3 140, first two DL, third pull, felt pretty easy trying to stay on my heels for longer
Power snatch (low blocks) 3x3 85, ok, some were full, technique was nice but power wasn't there
Jerks (rack) 3x3 120, alright, not that much drive but good timing and recieving position
Back squats (3/4 depth) 3x3 145, ok, not as easy as it should be
Good mornings 5x50, 5x70, 5x80, 5x90, 5x95, first time I've really done proper GM's since I hurt my back, felt alright and got a good pump

Tonnage = 6.59T
Back at work, boring day and I wanted to fall asleep the whole time

Bodyweight 89.00kg
Power cleans (low blocks) 4x3 105, easy with good form but not as powerful as they could be
Clean pulls (low blocks) 5x3 160, first two DL, third pull - pretty easy and back felt good after yesterday's GM's
Front squat 6x4 130, easier than last week and I kept my back nice and tight but still pretty tough
Push press 4x3 85, pain in my right knee made it very uncomfortable and hard to drive, no power at all

Tonnage = 7.80T
I like the measurement of tonnage.

I heard the old super lifters used to do about 25 tonnes a day. That is quite impressive.

But you don't have control over your program do you ?
SKD said:
I like the measurement of tonnage.

I heard the old super lifters used to do about 25 tonnes a day. That is quite impressive.

But you don't have control over your program do you ?
Yeah tonnage is a surprisingly accurate way to look at your program and how much you expect it to take out of you, I didn't think it was that good at first but when I applied it to my old programs in Canada it was awesome.

I don't write my programs anymore, other than a bit of adjustment which I talk over with Ivan.
Woke up with a sore back (nothing bad it was just out), was incredibly hungry at training (even though I had a big lunch), still lacked power and trained like shit.

Bodyweight 89.00kg
Power clean & jerk 4x2x2 115, Shitty and slow, dropped to 110 for last two sets, lockout was poor and my left delt was very tight
Power jerks 3x3 100, Shoulder still tight, no power
Back squats (1/2 depth) 5x3 150, The only good part of my training
Overhead squats 5x3 75kg, still tight in the shoulders and back hurting
Dumbell shoulder thing 3x8 on some weight I can't remember

Tonnage = 6.08T
Right knee really hurt from the start of training so it wasn't too nice a session

Bodyweight 89.60kg
Power clean (low blocks) 4x2 110, were supposed to be full but hurt too much
Clean pulls (low blocks) 4x3 160, pretty good
Jerks (rack) 4x2 110, powerful and solid
Drop jerks 5x3 70, knee was really hurting by now but good movement

Tonnage = 4.73T
Pretty successful training will much less knee pain

Bodyweight 88.80kg
Snatch (blocks) 3x3 90, went upto 100 for the second set for a pb, but sloppy but happy nonetheless
Snatch pulls (blocks 5x3 125, good, trying to sharpen up the top of the pull
Power clean & jerk 3x2x2 110, nothing much to comment
Front squat 3x3 135, alright, not too painful
Chinups 3x6

Tonnage = 6.85T
Weekly tonnage = 32.1T

Much higher tonnage than I expected, next week will be lighter
I enjoy reading this log, Alon, even though I know jack about Olympic lifting. I like the fact that you list the tonnage, but could you explain a little more in depth what it is supposed to indicates? Why keep track of it?
I enjoy reading this log, Alon, even though I know jack about Olympic lifting. I like the fact that you list the tonnage, but could you explain a little more in depth what it is supposed to indicates? Why keep track of it?
Thanks man

The tonnage is a very rough indicator for the actual workload I'm doing, it's useful to be compared to different weeks in the same cycle (or sometimes against cycles) but can't really be compared from lifter to lifter. Basically it gives a rough indication of how tired I should be, I like it cause sometimes I have those flat weeks like this one and I can see that I've done much more work than I thought so I know not to worry about feeling a bit tired. If you switch exercises then the tonnage can be a bit inaccurate since it's harder to do all those weights in powercleans then it is in deadlifts.
Coach was late and I assumed we had a light week (as he said) so I started, then he came and I had to restart cause we had heavy powersnatches which I really wanted to do, probably not the best idea but oh well.

Bodyweight 88.85kg
Power snatch (low blocks) 4x3 80, easy just trying to get hips though
Snatch pulls (low blocks) 3x3 120, as above
Power snatch (low blocks) 3x2 95, only one rep was power but that's a pb!!! Actually recieving the weight high but keep on riding it down, pretty happy nonetheless
Jerks (rack) 3x2 120
Back squats (3/4 depth) 3x3 145, good feeling easy
Good mornings 3x5 90

Tonnage = 5.99T
Crappy day at work, felt tired and my knee was hurting after push presses so I skipped front squats since it's an easy week and they were only on 125kg

Bodyweight 88.75kg
Power cleans (low blocks) 3x2 110, felt ok but could have had more pull
Clean pulls (low blocks) 5x3 165, felt very good, nice extension and powerful
Push presses 4x3 80kg

Tonnage = 4.10T
Knee still hurt but I got through training ok, gotta push that bodyweight up.

Bodyweight 88.85kg
Clean & Jerks 3x2 125, supposed to powerclean but was too heavy, first reps were good but second I bent my back in the recieving position, sloppy. Was swinging back on the bad reps.
Powerjerks 3x3 100, easy enough
Back squats (1/2 depth) 4x3 140, light and easy - no knee pain
Overhead squats 4x3 60, so easy and light but nice to work on a really precise position

Tonnage = 4.80T
The next two days are pretty easy, next week will be a bitch, I hope my knee can hold out

Bodyweight 89.00kg
Power cleans (low blocks) 4x2 110, easy but could be faster, must get closer to the thighs
Clean pulls (low blocks) 4x3 160, felt nice and high, good position
Power clean & jerk 4x(1+3) 100, easy, delts a bit tight but ok
Drop jerks 5x3 70, got a very deep split position which I doubt I'll use

Tonnage = 5.45T
Another easy day, felt nice and quick just have to get that bodyweight up.

Bodyweight 88.60kg
Snatch (low blocks) 3x2 80, trying to hit a good 3/4 position, nice and fast but a bit akward since it's so light
Snatch pulls (low blocks) 5x3 130, easy and not throwing the head back - coach has been getting shitty at me for that lately
Clean & jerks 3x(2+1) 110, easy except when I hit my chin in a warmup on 90kg
Front squats (3/4 depth) 3x3 130, nice and easy, not much knee pain
Chin ups +10x3, +15x3, +10x4, surprised myself a fair bit, pretty happy
Presses b/n 4x5 50, just going through the motions

Tonnage = 6.59T
Weekly tonnage = 26.9T

All in all a nice light week, body should be fresh for Monday's training