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Make or break

Totally screwed from the weekend (even though I didn't drink), I'm actually quite happy about my training given how bad I felt at work.

Bodyweight 89.55kg
Power snatch (blocks) 3x2 95, not power and quite sloppy, bit of mistiming
Snatch pulls (blocks) 3x3 145, very good high pulls, quite pleased, powersnatched a bit after and they were much better
Jerks (rack) 2x120, 2x130, 2x135, 1x140, the last two sets were easy, 140 was spot on, 130 and 135 are pb's for doubles (I think) but I'm just happy the position was exactly right
Good mornings 3x90, 2x3 100

Tonnage = 3.65T

Body is feeling good, I'll be working from home tomorrow in order to be right for the powercleans, very pumped.
Bodyweight seems to be staying which is nice. I had a great rest this morning and a pretty good training to boot. Back feels huge, especially the upper back and traps but man am I gonna pay for it tomorrow.

Bodyweight 89.55kg
Power cleans (blocks) 120x3, 130x3, the last two reps were recieved high but I went down to a full squat, I'll still count it as getting to my short term goal but not as a triple powerclean, all in all I'm quite happy. The speed was also very good.
Clean pulls (blocks) 5x180, did my last set on 190, nice fast pulls and got fairly high, great pump but I'm wrecked now. The pulls are probably a pb but an unimportant one since it's off blocks. Feeling confident that I can replicate that nice pull off the ground.
Push press 4x3 90, easier than normal and I'm pretty happy
Front squats 3x3 140, a bit tough but I kept the back tight and all

Tonnage = 4.02T

I guess now I need to think up another short term goal for the end of next month, not sure what it will be. I'd better eat a lot tonight otherwise I'll be screwed.
Had an ok training but I hurt my elbow after clean & jerks, went kind of numb and I had to ice it. Should be fine I think it might just be a bit overextended.

Bodyweight 89.05kg
Clean & jerks 120x2, 130x2, 135x1, did one powerclean on 120, pretty happy with how it went especially given how hard yesterdays training was and how I felt when I got up this morning
Power jerks 3x3 100, elbow was starting to hurt by now
Some half backsquats, good mornings and situps.

Tonnage is useless to calculate given the akward training and the fact that it's a heavy week.
Another hot day so I'm happy I kept bodyweight fairly steady. Elbow was still giving me problems, it feels like it's a joint inflammation as opposed to a ligament strain (which I've also done twice) and it should be fine by the end of next week.

Bodyweight 89.25kg
Power cleans (low blocks) 4x2 110, easy, very close and fast, quite happy
Clean pulls (low blocks) 4x3 180, as above, elbow began to hurt here
Jerks (rack) 2x2 125, was supposed to do another two sets but decided to play it safe
Drop jerks
Training today was hotter than the 38 or so degrees outside, everyone (including me) was completely exhausted, after drinking countless glasses of water I still lost 1/2 kg over training.

Bodyweight 88.95kg
Snatch (blocks) 2x90, 1x100, 1x110, 1x115, 0x120, everything was great upto 120, 115 is a pb snatch and 120 was actually a higher, stronger pull but I popped my head too far forward in the recieving position and messed it up. I'm still REALLY happy about it all and full of confidence.
Clean & jerk, Powercleaned 120 twice and 1 jerk, then a single on 130, I was going to do more sets but my coach said I looked dead and called that off.
Snatch pulls (blocks) 5x3 140, easy high pulls
Skipped front squats cause I was dead by that point

Tonnage (both weekly and today's) was useless to calculate. Looking forward to some rest and recovery next week. Elbow was fine and my body held up very well through this week so I'm pretty happy with how things are going, on track to make those goals.
I have no idea why my bodyweight is down so much. Also I hurt my shoulder on Sunday but it seems to be getting better which is good since I think I'm doing some heavy clean & jerks on Wednesday. All my muscles are still very very sore from Saturday's snatching and perhaps a bit from yesterday which I spent at a friend's pool since it was 40+ degrees.

Bodyweight 88.35kg
Snatch pulls (blocks) 3x3 130, getting the hips through well and scraping the thighs
Power snatch (blocks) 3x2 85, easy but a bit akward from the shoulder problem
Back squats (1/2 depth) 3x3 150, alright, legs were very tired, did my last set on 160

Tonnage = 3.06T
Still very sore but I guess at least my bodyweight isn't holding low for too long. Shoulder is improving but still not right.

Bodyweight 88.90kg
Power cleans (blocks) 3x2 110, kind of stiff but alright
Clean pulls (blocks) 5x3 170, easy and high, quite happy
Push press 4x3 80, pretty light and easy
Front squats 3x3 120, pretty still but light enough that it's easy

Tonnage = 5.25T
Trained today after doing some manual work, it must have worn me out a bit cause the clean & jerks (which were meant to be heavy) were pure shithouse. On the upside my shoulder doesn't hurt at all.

Bodyweight 88.25kg
Clean & jerk 110, 110, 120, 120, 130 (miss jerk), 130, felt shit, just flat and no flexibility.
Power jerks 3x3 90, easy although slightly forward lockout
Back squats 4x3 150, easy which is surprising, legs are pretty sore now
Pullups 3x4 +10kg, pretty tough but a good workout nonetheless

I'm not going to bother calculating tonnage since it's been ineffective lately with all the block work and other crap.
Another brutally hot night meant that I gave up on sleeping at 5:30am and spent the entire day feeling dead. I was 90.15kg yesterday so that's 1 litre of water lost mainly in my sleep today, I'm exhausted. Just did some stuff off the floor to prepare myself for the next phase (no blocks) and worked on my flexibility & position in the jerk with light presses b/n. Can't train tomorrow as some club members are competing, next phase begins on Monday.

Bodyweight 88.15kg
Power snatch (1 ground, 2 hang) 3x3 80kg, surprisingly easy
Snatch deads 4x3 110, ok, trying to keep over and keep my middle back tight, kinda sore actually
Presses b/n on about 50kg's
Lots of stretching
I surprised myself with the high bodyweight, pretty happy about that. Started a new program and it's taking some adjustment to lift off the floor again, trying to make sure my lower back and legs are well stretched after training.

Bodyweight 89.40kg
Power snatch (hang) 3x3 80, decent but slow second pulls
Overhead squats 4x3 60, shoulders felt akward and weak
Snatch pulls (blocks) 4x3 120, very high and easy
Back squats (1/4 depth) 3x3 140, easy to the point of being useless
Presses b/n 4x3 50, as above

Things should get heavier this week, also I'm upping the creatine to twice daily from today to see if it has any effect.
I'm starting to throw in bench once a week and maybe something else just for a bit of fun, I think I might also cut down a little in 2 months or so (nobody likes carrying a spare tyre)

Bodyweight 89.00kg
Power clean (hang) 3x3 100, easy but slow, still feel akward leaning over
Clean & Jerk 3x(2+1) 110, getting under the bar I feel a bit akward and weak, jerks sucked but I don't care they'll be fine soon
Front squats 3x3 125, I really need these, I think this is what's holding me back I don't feel comfortable in the front squat for some reason
Push press 4x3 80, easy
Wide grip bench 3x8 70, felt like my pecs would rip out

I think I really need to concentrate on the front squats, my knees and all feel too weak right now
Woke up pretty sore from the bench but alright otherwise, today some of the English Commonwealth games team (a hurdler and triple jumper) came to train with us, soon some of the others will join us too which is pretty cool.

Bodyweight 88.65kg
Snatch 3x3 90, slow off the ground and generally sluggish, improving as I do more floor work
Snatch pulls (hang) 3x3 120, as above but improving with each set
Back squats 3x3 140, easy but I guess they should be
Jerks (rack) 4x2 120, improving with each set

My knees are beginning to hurt but differently to before, someone at training diagnosed it as "jumpers tendon" or something, it responds very very well to ice so I'm not worried, I also think it's just from the transition to floor work so it'll go away as I adapt.
This may be a stupid question, but are your numbers kg or lb?
Go metric!!!

That said, being on Sherdog has made me want all these poundage goals, 200lbs bodyweight here I come!!
I tried moving my grip out in both lifts (quite a bit in the snatch) today and it seems to be working very well, I'm not lacking control like I previously did, probably due to the increased bodyweight.

Bodyweight 89.75kg
Some power snatches on 70, bar was nice and close, timing improved
Power clean & jerks 3x2x2 110, felt very good, nice and sharp
Cleans (blocks) 3x3 120, as above
Clean pulls 5x3 140, easy but I guess it should be higher than it was
More powersnatches on 70 and final set on 80, felt really good

All in all it was my first really good session since snatching 115
What is the reason why Overheadsquats arent used as a supplemental exercise by Olylifters?
graedy said:
What is the reason why Overheadsquats arent used as a supplemental exercise by Olylifters?
They are, but as far as I've seen usually only in the beginning. The two reasons I can think of are that firstly you only do overhead squats if you have problems recieving the bar (ie. you might use it to correct problems like throwing yourself into funny positions in the snatch when catching the bar), and secondly that it really hurts most oly lifters wrists. When I began lifting it didn't but now even 70kg hurts quite a bit when I have to slowly squat it up and down, whereas a snatch doesn't for some reason.

Edit: I think you'll also find that after doing overhead squats and oly lifting for a while, the overhead squat is just like any other movement, so the difficulty of it disappears. I've only seen one top guy who regularly overhead squats (he was repping 150kg), and a guy at my gym did a 160kg overhead squat on a dare (but with a clean grip, now that's difficult).
I'm having trouble finishing my powercleans. I can't seem to get my elbows up and my arms end up supporting the weight until I reposition for a front squat with my arms crossed out in front of me. I have every intention of practicing this until blue in the face, I was jsut wondering if you have any pointers for a rookie?